Dangerous expertise

Dangerous expertise

Hi there everybody, I’ve simply found this thread and I am so blissful I now have somebody to ask.

Round 5 years in the past I began to develop an curiosity in witchcraft and paganism and whereas I by no means actually closely practiced, it wasn’t uncommon. Quick ahead to 2 years in the past and it is common. A good friend had requested me to do one thing concerning the nightmares she was having if in any respect potential.

I took a silver and moonstone necklace and did a spell asking to exchange the detrimental desires with the optimistic. It labored extremely effectively, and the energy of the spell was one thing I would by no means felt beforehand as you could possibly really feel the vitality even when simply selecting up the necklace.

That being mentioned, that night time I used to be affected by one thing and I do not know what. I went to mattress and from the nook closest to my head, heard animal noises all night time. They’d alternate between the nook and simply behind my ear, terrible croaking noises. It had me moderately shaken up and I truthfully stop training for probably the most half after that.

Does anybody have any concept what it may have been or the best way to forestall it? I would love to come back again in however I am moderately afraid of what I did..

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  1. It was probably your mind playing tricks with you, especially if you grew up in a way that makes Witchcraft seem “naughty” or “offlimits” our brains will sometimes manifest those old embedded fears and worries of “the devil will get you” and such until we overcome them.

    The other option is that somehow you caused the bad dream energy to go from her to you, if in your spell you didn’t give the energy anywhere to go, this may be the case as well.

    Best advice is to learn how to Shield, ground and center and learn protective warding.

  2. > Does anyone have any idea what it could have been or how to prevent it?

    Even if it’s “the mind” (what is that?) playing tricks. That doesn’t say shh about how to prevent this. Right?

    My advice in general is:

    * mind your dreams, start a dream diary. Pay attention to them. What could they mean? This is oneiromancy. It opens an exploration of this depth (of the mind)
    * start path works, like the old Shamans, to these animal noises. Just like self-hypnosis, guide your self towards them. Project yourself in a meditation to a place of power, and invite these noises. Connect to them, like they are a part of you. Interact with them. And what has been fear, will become an opening.

    > I honestly quit practicing for the most part after that

    That is ok. I did that too. When the doubts sank in. Doubts, like being unmotivated. That this actually isn’t as important as life. You also need to face these doubts. Move them from abstraction like fear or ideas to things you can grasp. Like disappointments or irritations, which you haven’t honestly embraced yet.

    > I’m rather frightened of what I did..

    Then find it out. What exactly it is. Find out every last trace of it, around yourself, in the Astral, and on the mental planes. Seek it, until there is nothing left, which has no meaning to you. That is an act of high sorcery, and witchcraft if you want to use that.

  3. It’s your inner twin flame wanting to get in your life (and ultimately your body). If that makes you uncomfortable, it’s a good reason to ditch this stuff and head for worldliness.

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