Did a god contact me??

Did a god contact me??

Okay so I’m not one for vivid desires. I’ve been finding out witchcraft for a couple of yr and half. One night time I referred to as out to no matter god was watching over me earlier than I went to mattress. I dreamt that there was this white wolf watching me and I adopted it. For some cause I knew she was a goddess in a special type however I couldn’t work out her identify. This was again in November. I don’t actually know what it means and I’ve been turning it over in my head for some time.
Any concepts??

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  1. Could also be one of your spiritual guids. They often show themselfs in my dreams as animals. They mean to tell you something and often do so by showing up in your dreams. Try looking it up and take a good look at yourself and the situation you’re in. U can usally find out what it means yourself.

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