Discuss to me!

Discuss to me!

I actually simply need this boy to speak to me with truthfully and confidence, are there any spells / rituals / something that might assist me make this occur?

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  1. /u/AllanfromWales1 definitely has the correct answer here!! As far as rituals, maybe meditate for a bit and try to visualize the conversation going well. A good intention-setting is never amiss =] I wouldn’t recommend trying to do any spells directly on this boy because I don’t know, at worst doing spells on other people can be sinister, and at best it kind of feels like talking behind their back (always better to talk it out face-to-face). Unless it’s for healing, I keep my spells all about me. So maybe focusing on how you can facilitate conversation would be best! I like to carry any blue crystals when I have to have a big talk, my favorite is aqua aura quartz but pick ones that speak to you! Blue is for the throat chakra so it can encourage communication.

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