Do not Neglect Your Goodwills and Thrift Shops

Do not Neglect Your Goodwills and Thrift Shops

These locations may be nice locations to search out witchy gadgets and issues on your altars. I went to my native Goodwill yesterday and located these things.

A gemstone toad, a mint julep cup to make use of for a chalice, and a tray with goat horns as handles.

5 thoughts on “Do not Neglect Your Goodwills and Thrift Shops”

  1. Yesss I can’t recommend thrift shops enough! Our local Goodwill tends to be iffy, but there’s another resale shop that’s run by a local church and they have amazing stuff. I got two real silver wine glasses, real silver candlesticks, a bronze cauldron with lid, bronze offering dish, some gold colored trays that I think were once communion dishes, several incense burners…all kinds of stuff. I haven’t spent more than maybe $60 there total, either. The glasses were I think 2/$13. One had broken off its base but I just hit it with some E6000 and it works perfectly. I can’t even find the broken place if I look for it.

  2. Really loving that tray! I wish I had better luck with thrift stores. I’m a frequent shopper of my local goodwill, and the only decent things I’ve come away with recently have been a nice shell-shaped dish I’m using on my altar to Aphrodite, and some bookends for my witchy bookshelves.

  3. So cool, and awesome finds! I loove thrift shopping but mostly for purchasing interesting wardrobe pieces. Next time I go I’ll have to keep my eyes open for interesting artifacts as well

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