Doubt about E-book

Doubt about E-book

I used to be studying Mastering Witchcraft and within the first pages says that you need to do a logo of defiance. It says that you need to chant the Lord’s Prayer backwards. Is that this the one image of defiance I can do? Can I make my very own image of defiance to start?

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  1. If you’re referring to Mastering Witchcraft by Paul Huson, then you have to consider that it was published in 1970, and avoid projecting modern values on the material. Wicca and witchcraft of that time weren’t as politically correct, and western society had a higher percentage of religious people, or people who were brought up within a Christian context. The book (and many from that time period) isn’t bad. There are quite a few good aspects to borrow and learn from, but you need to keep in mind the times in which it was written. Breaking free of Christianity through an act of defiance as indicated may have been more useful to someone back then due to their cultural background.

  2. I agree with everyone who says this book is worthless. If, after a while of practice, you feel you want to do a self-dedication to your path, that’s fine. You don’t have to be “defiant” of other paths. That just sounds immature and pointless.

  3. Avoid authors like that. Scott Cunningham is nice if you want to go the Wiccan route, but its a little old. Any author that says you have to do anything, is not worth your time. Witchcraft is a deeply personal practice.

  4. I dont understand why a “symbol of defiance” is necessary. I’ve never don’t one, I just started researching and decided that witchcraft was the path I wanted to follow. Like someone else said, seems more like something an emo kid would do to spite their parents

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