Drawn to lavender… is there a motive?

Drawn to lavender… is there a motive?

Hoping that is the suitable place for this, but when anybody has a greater concept, please redirect me!

Recently I’ve been extraordinarily interested in lavender. To the purpose the place I am type of obsessive about it. I am inexplicably drawn to it.

Usually I would not query it an excessive amount of, as lavender is a well-liked scent and is nice for rest and focus, however I… used to dislike lavender. It was a migraine set off. So I closely related it with ache.

This got here out of the blue, and now it now not causes me any ache, solely aid and non secular steering. Like its main me to one thing…

Anyway, I am questioning if that is simply coincidence or if it may imply one thing extra? I assumed perhaps my thoughts was on stress overload and it lead me to this to assist ease it.

Any ideas or comparable experiences (with this, or different herbs/scents/vegetation/and so forth)?

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  1. I’ve always had a thing for lavender and eucalyptus and I always wondered why, like you said, a bit obsessive. Everything I clean in the house has to be lavender scented

  2. It could be that one of your gods/goddesses is guiding you to it as a natural means to cure your pain. I know that artificial lavender can smell overbearing and gross, but true natural lavender is delightful and has so many healing properties, physically and mentally. I find it to be one of the most powerful herbs one can use in magick, it is so diverse. What belief system do you follow? Perhaps it is associated to your patron deity? Or maybe even associated with one who is for some reason reaching out to you? Look for other signs and subtle clues, and look up the correspondences of the gods you work with. I am a Norse pagan and work with one god as my patron, but actively worship and honor many others (that is typical in Norse tradition anyways) and I actually associate many herbs with lots of different god/dess figures. I had this experience with cinammon when my patron was reaching out for me to discover him. Keep up posted and good luck with your findings. Blessings~

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