Each day Witchy Issues?

Each day Witchy Issues?

I am searching for extra methods to include my craft into my day by day life. You realize, little issues I can do whereas I am preparing or earlier than mattress, stuff I can do on the go, discreet little issues I can do whereas I am out in public, that kind of factor. I might love to listen to your guys’ favorite little day by day witchy issues and take a look at some!

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  1. I like to visualize strangers surrounded by light and wishing them happiness and freedom from suffering. Sometimes I’ll tint the light to different colours that coincide with specific well-wishes such as gold for health and enlightenment, or blue for serenity and adaptability. I’ll accompany this with silent blessings such as, “may everyone you meet today be of the greatest possible compassionate benefit to you.”

  2. Something my dad taught me is when you leave your house and lock the door (if there’s no one inside) to draw your sigil on the door with your finger. I say a couple words and ask the universe to protect my house from negativity and keep it safe. Since my dad died it’s become even more important as he passed the sigil to me and it’s second nature now. Interesting to read others replies so thanks for the post 🙂

  3. I have yet to implement it (just bc I am often very lethargic and struggle with executive dysfunction l m a o), but I plan to either carve a small rune into or bless a tube of lipstick (or many) with certain intents to provide a little boost whenever I wear it. This could be applied to other products you use on a daily basis as well!

  4. Part of my mineral collection is a dish of small tumbled stones that I’ve collected over the years. I love to slip one in my pocket that seems appropriate for the day and it keeps me mindful of whatever compelled me to choose it that morning.

    If I know I will need confidence to get me through a day of interviews, touching a piece of carnelian in my pocket when I falter reminds me to make eye contact, smile, and remember my strengths. Even just pocketing my favorite tree agate while I garden is pleasant. They’re not fancy stones and I don’t follow correspondences so much as gut feelings. It keeps me in touch with my goals.

  5. Sometimes when I journal I write positive affirmations to myself over and over again. There have been a few times I’ve done automatic writing where I just let my hand go and do its thing. I also just like to do research on any witchy thing while I’m at work or I go to a local bookstore and pile up with resources. I too love the idea above about sending white light to people ❤️ There’s apps for herbs, spells, and meditation music you can always dive in to.

    Some other ideas is that you could hide sigils for yourself in places you visit like at coffee or tea shops you could put one to mark it as always a safe place or like a “respawn” area when you need it. You can write a letter to your deities/universe/etc. Walk near flowers or animals and just talk to them 🔮 You can always work on any gifts you’re interested in: such as holding objects and getting images or feelings from them (psychometric) and try imprinting them with your own energy, trying to tap in to peoples auras or you can gaze into a cup of water or flame for visions and stuff.

    I hope this helps ❤️

  6. Oh ok! Besides that you could do Qi gong and pranayama which are Indian breathing exercises. There’s plenty of vids on those on YouTube. Both should strengthen your spiritual power. Qi gong is a Chinese practice kinda like tai chi but specifically for building life force.

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