Emotions of dread

Emotions of dread

My boyfriend goes away to construct a restaurant just a few states away. He’ll truly be nearer this time than the final time–but for some motive I’ve this sense of dread that I can not shake. I could not cease telling him to watch out and two nights in the past I had dream the place I discovered our son shot within the canine’s kennel.

I am simply. Involved and a bit disturbed. I often do not have desires that graphic and might tease out what they imply. Possibly I am nonetheless simply shaken from the visuals of my desires and it is made fear about my family members. Would love to listen to any ideas on this in addition to something I can do for cover for him. I will do a tarot studying afterward at present to inspect issues, most likely whereas our son is asleep for Naptime… (He likes to attempt to play 52 pickup with the playing cards. He is three)

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  1. Get a black stone – there are ones specifically for protection, but any black stone will do if you’re in a pinch. Put it in your son’s pillow case, and maybe one in the dog house

  2. I may be late to this thread, but I’m having the same issues. I’ve never been scared being home alone, but lately I have been. Thinking I’m going to get robbed, thinking my boyfriend is going to be in a car crash, etc.

    I’m doing a candle spell tonight. Paper and pen, black candle. I’ll write down the bad thoughts and feelings, charge the black candle for comfort and protection, and then burn the paper with the cable’s flame. Before bed and when I’m alone, I will burn the candle for protection.

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