Every other witches (or anybody) on the market who’ve been “lower off”?

Every other witches (or anybody) on the market who’ve been “lower off”?

Every other witches (or anybody) on the market who’ve been “lower off”?

2 thoughts on “Every other witches (or anybody) on the market who’ve been “lower off”?”

  1. You’re going through the stages of grief. What you’re feeling is normal, and it happens to everyone (if that’s any consolation). You’ve gone through anger, denial and bargaining, and you’re now in a period of depression. The unrest you perceived from the universe was a reflection of your own restless energy, and the emptiness that followed is, like you said, not a punishment–it’s what’s inside you.

    My advice? Grieve at your own pace. What I mean by that: If you have experience with magic helping you get things you want, it’s tempting to turn to magic in your darkest times, and to ask the universe to help you to not feel this way any more. If it worked before, why not now? Well, life and death doesn’t care about your magic–you can’t change it any more than you could change the sun or the tides. It’s the most mundane thing in the world. That’s why you’re feeling so magically impotent right now–if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

    A medium might not be a terrible idea, but my suggestion is that instead of trying to reconnect with Thai, try to say goodbye to her. Tell her everything you want to say to her, how much she meant to you and how empty you feel without her, but do it for the right reasons. Get those burdens off your chest so that you can let her go.

    Don’t think you have to forget her or not think of her in order to feel like yourself again. Remember her as often as you like, and remember her fondly.

    You will feel a pang when you walk by a place you used to play with her, you’ll visit her grave, you’ll leave her treats on the altar at Samhain. These are safe ways to mourn because when you leave that specific place or date behind, you can leave the dead to rest and keep the general direction of your thoughts on the here and now. As you know, in meditation and spirituality, it’s hard to feel connected when your mind is elsewhere.

    The magic will come back into your life. Keep reading your books, by all means, but try not to rush it, for now.

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