Excuses for witchy stuff

Excuses for witchy stuff

I plan on making a visit to the native Earth lore store quickly, however want an excuse to inform my mother and father why I’ve bunch of candles, crystals, incense and creepy stuff in my room in case the query ever arises. They’re center aged conservatives who by no means graduated highschool. Additionally, because of whoever used a spell on me as a result of I’ve had extra confidence immediately than I’ve in a minute.

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  1. Get lower smoke incense (japanese style, nippon kodo has a great site and morning star brand is easiest to find in stores) to be more respectful of smell sensitivities and lingering incense odours. If your parents complain, offer to crack a window or just stop using them if it’s an issue. For candles, it’s easy, be honest. They look nice smell great, reduce electricity use and nice to read books by and instead of being glued to a phone, easier to fall asleep after.

    Even better-learn to make your own! I did and if you add oils for magical effect there are no labels to hide/discard from oil infused and blessed store bought spell candles. Making them is a very discreet ritual and nice creative expression. You may have to settle for this until you move out.

    Lay off on the crystals for a bit maybe or just get a quartz to pop in your window cause it was pretty and you saw it when you were grabbing candles. Cause that’s not a lie. And call them rocks or stones, less suspicious.

    Avoid lies. You’ll feel better and act less suspiciously. Good luck!

  2. Incense and candles are an easy one just tell them you like the nice smells and the candles give off extra light that make your room feel cozy 🙂

  3. Most thing are rather easy to excuse: crystals, candles, insence look nice and most people have some, so you can just say you like the looks of it. If even so they think it’s suspicious, most conservative people don’t mind meditation, so you can say you meditate and relax with those.

    If you cook often or enjoy cooking, just say herbs and spices are used for that. Otherwise, just say it’s for tea or something, most common tea herbs have tons of useful magickal properties.

    For the more suspicious stuff (wand, BoS, athame or anything that looks too witchy), you can always hide it in a box or secret compartment so they won’t find out.

  4. I looked out for items that blended in with my rooms decor. I also filled my room with plants and dried flowers, which I used for my spells.
    I slowly decorated my room so that things weren’t so noticable.

    Even now, I still blend my altar as decoration in my home. my altar is a shelf on my book shelf and it looks like a bunch of candles and knick knacks from afar but when you get closer, you can notice more witchy stuff. I have some very Christian friends and my family is Muslim.. no one has a clue.

  5. Yes you can just tell them that you like these things for how the look and/or smell. The crystals you can keep in a drawer and put them out when you are using them, and again, you can explain these as a decorative item. Many witchy things have plenty of ‘mundane’ or ‘normal’ uses lol so shouldn’t be too bad. Although, if I might ask, what does it matter if they graduated high school or not? I don’t think this particular fact would really effect how they feel about witchcraft as much as maybe the conservative part. Just wondering since you threw that in there! Blessings~

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