Exhibit your altar [Megathread]

Exhibit your altar [Megathread]

With so many posts about individuals displaying their altars, I felt it would be good to start out a megathread for everyone to put up and present it right here.

To put up a picture from imgur, create an account over there and easily copy/paste the image to your photographs web page – additionally they have a handy “add” button. Simply be cautious to not submit it to the gallery as a result of they will not have any thought what you are posting about. Heh.

As soon as you’ve got uploaded it, click on the image and the URL is on the correct facet of the web page. Copy/paste that right here!

15 thoughts on “Exhibit your altar [Megathread]”

  1. Mine is a [little newbie altar](http://i.imgur.com/vCRHEMD.jpg), but I like the minimalism of it. Crystals are either hanging pendants or in the frosted jar. I have my tarot cards and grimoire front and center. Catphomet usually houses a candle, but it just burned out. I’m looking forward to getting an incense burner and collecting some other treasures once it warms up a bit.

  2. https://imgur.com/soJmIge

    So this my first altar, and, although it’s simple, I’m super proud and I really think it looks awesome.

    Sorry for the bad quality, this is in my attic, so the lighting isn’t the best, and my phone’s camera isn’t the best either, so yeah.

    (I actually made a post with this, but I was told the right place to post would be here, so I deleted it and here I am)

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