FAQ Megathread

FAQ Megathread

After seeing so many “I am new please assist me begin” threads I made a decision we must always group collectively these questions in a stickied thread for simpler dialogue and entry. (Mods authorised)

Be happy to ask something witchcraft associated we’re pleasant right here and in case you are new to the group welcome.

High degree remark ought to comprise single questions/topics to permit higher dialogue. Please learn although the FAQ earlier than posting to keep away from duplicates.

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  1. Kind of a silly question, but how many of you actually believe in magic? I’m not trying to stir up trouble, I’m just wondering because I really like the idea of getting into witchcraft, even though I don’t believe. I think it could ground me and help with my anxiety.

  2. We should definitely get a massive list of books going. Scott Cunningham has great books, so does Franz Bardon, the key of Solomon the king is always a good book for the magick practitioner, I’ve heard good things about Hoodoo Herb and Root Magick, there’s a ton of good books

  3. So I think I want to take a step into magick.
    I see it as a positive activity. I am not sure I can dive too deep but want to start off with more research. Or just small resources. I have yet to find a resource that begins me on this new journey.

    Give me idea of where to start… I am sure there is denominations to craft. Point me in any direction and fill me with knowledge. 🙂

  4. Thank you, /u/Paxaxx for the help!

    People of /r/witchcraft,

    Let me know what information to add to our wiki so we can redirect newcomers and new practicers there. Thank you.

  5. Hi. Wondering about gods, or pantheons. Do I have to choose one? Can I, for lack of a better term, make up my own “gods” or sources of energy/divinity? Why choose a pantheon at all?

  6. Can anyone recommend any good online or distance courses for beginners? (Or, just in case I get lucky, an IRL course in the Toronto area?)

    After years (more than a decade) of reading and thinking about witchcraft, Wicca and neo-Pagan spirituality, it suddenly feels like it’s time to start doing something in a big way. I’d like to start practicing some sort of Craft but am having trouble figuring out where to start. I think, at the end of the day, that I will not turn out to be Wiccan, although I’m not opposed to courses that are Wiccan-based or influenced. What I’d really like is a course in traditional-ish witchcraft (I’m not even sure what I mean by that) that is spiritually open and doesn’t require that I adhere to a belief system or particular deities. I’m interested in developing a Craft as a way of doing inner and spiritual work, but at this point in my life I’m pretty sure any sort of firm beliefs about Gods or Goddesses are unlikely to “take.” Again, though, I’m not opposed to working with deities as representations/personifications of whatever energy I’d be working with.

    I’ve read a lot but am having trouble putting what I read into practice. I may be someone who needs structure, at least at the start, and I think a course, with exercises and deadlines, would really help, at least at the beginning. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  7. Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to everything, I’m still in the research phase. I was wondering about psychic powers. I’m having a hard time finding good info one it. I’d appreciate anything from personal experience to good books/websites. Thanks!

  8. Hello! I’m new to this subreddit but not necessarily new to witchcraft, as I’ve been slowly learning over the last few years and have actually cast a couple of (mostly) successful spells! But I definitely still have a lot to learn and I’m always hesitant to cast because of my lack of knowledge.

    So, my question is are there any YouTube videos or channels that you would recommend?

    P.S. I can’t wait for a long list of books to compile here!

  9. Hello! I’m a brand new witch and I’m looking for someone to talk to. I am brimming with about a million questions and ideas and although the people in my life are supportive of my new path, they don’t really have any witchy know-how. I would really appreciate it, thank you!

  10. Can anyone recommend any books by British/Irish authors? I grew up in the UK, and I’d like to have a bit of an Isles perspective on certain things.

  11. Any good books or resources on the craft that aren’t just about wicca? I am a norse heathen, but I don’t like to get religion mixed up in my craft. are there any books about witchcrft from that angle?

  12. This is a very individual question, as in, most of you will likely have different answers.
    Do any of you practice other religions along with witchcraft? (Forgive me, I really don’t know if you all consider witchcraft to be a religion or are like the Hindus and see it as a way of life, or something else? A culture, probably?) If your religious background is, say, Judaic, when you began practicing, how did you reconcile your previous belief system with your new one?
    I ask, because I was raised Protestant Christian, but I have always wondered the similarities between people of different cultures. I am challenging myself to believe and question everything I’ve been told, in the hopes that I have a deeper respect for people of all walks of life.

  13. hi! im a new witch and id like to know if cybermancy is a thing? i read something about it, but when i look it up all i find is a video game. (sorry if im not supposed to ask here!)

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