Feeling watched at evening

Feeling watched at evening

Just lately I have been feeling watched at evening, are there any spells or something I can do to cease it? I am undecided if it is a spirit or simply paranoia but it surely’s been occurring for a number of weeks now. I admire any assist, thank y’all. ( btw I’ve an anxiousness dysfunction so that could be a part of it )

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  1. A blessing of protection for home might work. If you feel like its a spirit putting mirrors above doors/windows, salting paths, and smudging all help. This site has some good rituals. https://witchesofthecraft.com/category/protection-spells/

    Try setting up a camera to see if anything gets captured. Some humans can project themselves as a form of remote viewing, sometimes cameras can pick them up as a shadowy figure. If it turns out to be a physical human watching you I’d recommend you skip spells and go straight to a .45

  2. Read into black candles they are supposed to draw away negativity and any forces attempting to work against you, as well as black crystals I believe. Good luck.

  3. I had this feeling the other night also. Watch carefully and make sure there aren’t any scratches on you that you don’t remember from the night before. If you rebuke whatever spirit is watching you in the name of Jesus Christ through faith it will have to leave. However you will make an enemy of it so the chances of it returning are high. Be careful friend.

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