First Ritual Accomplished ?!

First Ritual Accomplished ?!


Wow so at the moment I accomplished my first ritual!

I have been studying about voodoo, spells, rituals, and all the varied magical whatnots for the reason that eighth grade once I as soon as stumbled upon a Wiccan web site, however at the moment I really tried one thing!

I adopted a ritual for cover on my “journal of darkness” (I’ve learn that is what one of these guide is meant to be known as? I am simply gonna say craft journal type right here on…) . That is my very first craft journal however I am a nerd and I really like taking notes so why not do that, and do that full out?!

Earlier than the ritual I took a shower with sea salt and carried out fireplace meditation and an air meditation. to cleanse my aura. This was a primary method I had heard of from a witchcraft podcast, “A Witches Primer”.

I gathered a candle, a pillowcase and a few sea salt. I lit the candle and sat with all of it layer out earlier than me. I meditated on the Devine for about 10 minutes then learn this incantation whereas sprinkling sea salt over the journal:

“By the ability of the Earth and the residing waters of the Goddess, be this guide cleansed.
By the blood of the Mom Creatrix, be this guide sanctified.
Blessed Be!”

Then I dismissed the salt, held my journal within the mild of the candle and stated:

“By the breath and fireplace of the residing mild of the God, be this guide purified.
By the sunshine of Pure Consciousness, I dedicate this guide to the trail of Wicca and the knowledge of Divinity
Blessed Be!”

All while meditating on the Devine. Once I felt I had delivered these traces to my (and probably the Devine’s) satisfaction I thanked them and stated goodbye, blowing out the candle. I then wrapped up the ocean salt within the pillow case, washed it down the sink, and positioned my journal on the shelf.

I can not however assist really feel it is working. A part of me nonetheless actually thought this was all bullshit, however I can actually really feel the aid in my room, particularly when the guide is open. I really feel aid from the extraordinary paranoia and nervousness I normally cope with!

I can be making an attempt new spells and rituals quickly!

2 thoughts on “First Ritual Accomplished ?!”

  1. I just did my first ritual too!
    I’ve been gathering supplies for almost a year now and I finally felt ready,I made a spell jar for nightmares. Tonight is my first time trying it and I’m really curious to see if it helps,I did feel amazing and peaceful during the ritual so I feel like it should work.^^

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