FUXK THE OCCULT STORE White Magickal Alchemy

FUXK THE OCCULT STORE White Magickal Alchemy

I’ve by no means been aggravated with a web based buying transaction, as I’m with one representing the Occult. Breaks my coronary heart.

A couple of month and a half in the past I positioned a easy $50 order for a few objects to help in my Craft. It was from the “common on-line Occult retailer:” White Magickal Alchemy. It was nothing I instantly wanted, however I anticipated that I’d have them by the vacations so I may do a pair witchy issues to assist me come into the brand new yr.

…After which the vacations handed, and now we’re greater than 2 weeks into the brand new yr and I nonetheless haven’t heard something about my order. I’ve despatched 2 seperate emails to WMA, but I’ve heard nothing from them. The e-mail with my affirmation order quantity has now (magickally) disappeared from the communication thread. Now I am simply confused. Not even upset.

I’ve left it to Nature now to confront this motion as She chooses, this loss is nothing in comparison with what it may have been. Has anybody else had this occur from different Occult shops, or is there a listing of the “BANNED MAGICK” shops which have screwed different witches over, that we must always simply not spend our assets on???

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  1. I like 13 Moons, the items came from VT so it took a week to get to me xD

    Pro-tip: Don’t order something online between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Whether the carrier is UPS, FedEx, or USPS, it will take FOR GOD DAMN EVER to get to you. Just don’t do it.

    As for “banned” stores, I wouldn’t say that there is a list but it’s always a good idea to review your sellers before throwing money at them. That goes for anything, quite frankly.

  2. For now, I would see if you can goto your bank, and see if they can issue your money back. Keep copies of all items, and take them with you when you go.

  3. > *I’ve left it to Nature now to confront this action as She chooses, this loss is nothing compared to what it could have been.*

    Not if there are other customers who also didn’t get their orders. If some or all think similarly, that’s a lot more than $50. that’s been pocketed.

    IDK the shop or owner so can’t offer any personal view of them. But I will say reputable merchants do concern themselves with customer satisfaction. Unresponsiveness and not fulfilling orders is a good way for one to damage their customer base. It’s the internet, word gets around. Who knows how many people now know about a potential problem with this store just from this one post?

  4. I have shopped there twice and only had positive experiences. Thankfully, I did not order during the holidays or when the wildfires hit in California. Have you tried her FB?

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