Ginger root substitute (for banishing spell)?

Ginger root substitute (for banishing spell)?

I need to carry out a banishing spell however I haven’t got a ginger root. What may be a substitute?

Here’s a hyperlink to the spell -> http://wiccanspells.information/a-spell-to-get-over-someone/

4 thoughts on “Ginger root substitute (for banishing spell)?”

  1. If you don’t have access to ginger you probably don’t have access to these either but they are substitutes to ginger for the purpose you’re asking about.

    Bethroot, *Trillium erectum*

    Turmeric root, *Curcuma longa*

    Easier to get but somewhat less effective would be garlic.

  2. My vote is for Tobacco. It’s fiery, potent, & aggressive like Ginger. It decomposes quickly, has a basis in healing rites, and is traditionally used to further spiritual progress of those who practice magickal arts. It’s easy to acquire.

    The downside is it’s not a root.

    My second choice would be Garlic as u/grottohopper mentioned.

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