Goal of alcohol in elemental condenser?

Goal of alcohol in elemental condenser?

I not too long ago picked up Pearson’s “Treading the Mill” from Troy Books and am totally having fun with it. I are usually extra of the arm chair sort however the simplicity of a few of his formulation led me to choose up all of the requisite components for an elemental condenser, particularly that of fireplace, to do a easy working tonight.

One of many major components is high-proof alcohol and I used to be curious what the importance of alcohol is in esoteric lore? Is there something metaphysical to alcohol or is it one thing extra mundane that helps the answer last more?

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  1. It’s a mundane ingredient, but it’s commonly used in magic to make infusions and the like. It’s more science than magic. If you want to look at it magically I’ve always viewed alcohol as an element of purification

  2. Another question, I boiled 2 ounces of cloves as part of the decoction (rather pungent) and the instructions are to burn the remains once they’ve dried…I have no experience working with herbs and was curious what’s the most practical way to burn the dried cloves? I could be wrong but I imagine simply holding a flame to the pile won’t do the trick.

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