Good Important Oils for On a regular basis Use?

Good Important Oils for On a regular basis Use?

I am making an attempt to make a vital oil mix to place in my hair, each for the advantages (I’ve dry hair and pores and skin) and the odor. I used to be considering, why not throw a little bit of witchcraft into it too?

I’ve already determined to make use of jojoba oil for the bottom (largely as a result of it is nice for hair) and rosemary for its reminiscence and a spotlight advantages – are there some other oils I ought to contemplate? Possibly some with correspondences to safety, success, uplifted/good temper? Are there any oils I SHOULDN’T combine? I might love some feedback and solutions!

4 thoughts on “Good Important Oils for On a regular basis Use?”

  1. Honestly the only ones that would be safe for regular use are lavender or rose. Most other essential oils are either too harsh or photosensitive for every day use. They’re safe in moderation when diluted, but they are crazy strong regardless. You could however use them in a diffuser while you get ready for the day! It would be a good way to envelop yourself in the energy without direct contact.

  2. Mint is a great plant for success and protection, as well as improving mental focus, headache relief and an energy boost. I think it would pair nicely with rosemary, if used sparingly.

    Rosemary and mint are both drying, as is lavender. These are best used in gentle homemade shampoos, or alternatively diluted with additional jojoba oil if you find it leaves your hair frizzy.

  3. Rosemary is really good for dry hair and cypress for oily hair. Lavender is my personal favourite in everything, mostly because we grow our own and are currently making our own oil. I have also heard that cedarwood is good for hair.
    Let us know how you go!

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