Graveyard Grime infused Candle

Graveyard Grime infused Candle

I used to be out of city in the course of the weekend, and whereas I used to be gone, I visited the native witch retailer. It is run by a witch I do know and belief, and every time I am out of city, I fill up at her store.

She sells handmade candles. After I was taking a look at them, one in every of them jumped out of me – a candle made with graveyard grime. I did not purchase it that day, however it saved talking to me, so I went again the next day and bought it.

Now that I am again residence, I have been inspecting the candle extra intently. I by no means had an curiosity in working with graveyard grime, I did not even actually know a lot about it. Since returning residence, I have been researching graveyard grime – I had some questions, so I flip to you, /r/witchcraft, in quest of some assist.

Within the analysis I’ve completed, it makes it fairly clear that as a way to purchase graveyard grime, it have to be completed respectfully, and that you just give again after you have taken. I do not know the way the witch I purchased the candle from acquired the grime, however she’s somebody I belief, so I am hoping she acquired it respectfully.

I do not know what to do with this candle, now that I’ve it. After I was researching graveyard grime, it seems for use principally in curses and coercive love spells – neither of which I’ve an curiosity in.

Are you able to give me some options on what I can use this candle for? Or would I be higher off leaving nicely sufficient alone, and never lighting it in any respect?

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  1. Personally I’d use it for curses, but that’s me. ANYway if respect is an issue you could say a prayer/chant/spell over it to thank anyone whose grave provided it, and if you wanna stay in the good lane you could use it for ancestor worship/contacting. To be fair I am far from an expert. Good luck.

  2. I’ve never worked with graveyard dirt, myself, but I think not only the manner in which it is obtained matters, but also the grave from which it is sourced. I’d love to start out with it, but for now, my means of obtaining same are somewhat limited.

    For a load more on graveyard dirt, among other interesting materials and spellwork, I’d check Dorothy Morrison’s Utterly Wicked. A great resource all-round.

  3. Now that’s pretty interesting. I have a jar of dirt tucked away with other momentos from a loved one who passed on… would you mind PMing me the shop info so I could contact them? I’m really interested in the process now!

    To answer your question, I’d probably use such a candle for speaking to the dead or contacting cthonic deities.

  4. Have you considered using it for spirit work? I’m not sure if you have any interest in such a practice, but that’s personally what I’d use it for. More specifically, to communicate with spirits.

    If you have no interest in spirit communication (in regards to invoking spirits), perhaps it could be utilized in banishings? Such as the banishing of spirits from your personal space, or the banishing of negative energies (like an, “I banish these negative energies to the graves” sort of thing, I guess).

    I don’t know, but I certainly see the potential for creative use with this candle! If nothing else, it’s a unique candle. I would have never thought to use graveyard dirt in a candle. If nothing else, perhaps you could just keep it for decoration, as a novelty type candle? I hope this gave you some ideas, good luck!

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