6 thoughts on “Have you ever casted a spell that had an actual impact?”

  1. The first truly specific spell I did was a ‘call me’ spell on a boy I liked in college. He wasn’t really into me, but he butt-dialed me that afternoon.

    Last weekend I was really stressed out making cotton candy for these rude customers. I was so mad that I chanted these words as I spun the cotton candy for them, “I trap you in my spider’s web, may all your dreams be good and dead!” Customers returned later reporting flies in their cotton candy. Whoops.

  2. This is something I actually havnt told anyone, something to this day after so much time still amazes me. I had a really big falling out with a friend group end of summer ’16, one of the people in that friend group was extremely close to me. We shared such a strong bond and I loved her dearly but due to chaos among the friend group her and I stopped talking. I remember being so upset and really telling myself that our friendship was supposed to last longer than this because I firmly believe that you don’t meet people by coincidence. The next full moon I performed a ritual to bring her back into my life and for us to mend or friendship. After two months of not talking just two days after the ritual she calls. We’re friends until the end of May 2017 and we had another falling out. Didn’t speak for months and for some reason I couldn’t stop missing her even though she wronged me. Just a week ago she called and apologized to me saying that I’m the best friend she’s ever had. She’s in college out of state but we’ve planned to hang when she’s back in town. Some things are just meant to be i guess.

  3. Cursed a sexual predator with a pinkie rat as a poppet representing him and fed it to a snake, representing fate and justice. Needless to say the man was consumed in mere days time.

    Another time called upon an interesting connection when I moved to a new town, and met a girl I would date for some time while walking down to my favorite spot at a local river. Took effect within a day or so.

    Needed a job, so I called upon spirits to open the door. Got a job in the city I moved to in about a week, and I still work there as a supervisor.

  4. I do good luck spells pretty often that usually have real effects. With caveats: I have to really be fond of you, and I have to actually believe you deserve the thing/event that is happening to. Seems to work best when you are seeking alternative treatment for an illness that is not responding, I make a spell and just suddenly someone crosses your path who can help you/send you into remission. Second best for business. It presents opportunities and then you’re on your own. Doesn’t work on myself at all, possibly because I don’t believe I deserve it.

    What does work on myself is manifestation. Usually of antiques/vintage things. I am the best antique shopping partner, just ask any of my friends! Three things this weekend alone that I was going to buy anyway, one of those wooden book stands from India, a floppy black hat from the 70s (couldn’t be costume) and a certain type of hard to find (for a reasonable price) vintage bracelet, in black. All at much less than I would have paid online. $3 for the book stand (which was already in my shopping cart), $25 for the hat, and it’s a good one, and $50 for the bracelet, which was ridiculous because it should have easily been twice, if not three times the price (depending on locale) and was something I was specifically hoping to find. This was in addition to a set of nested mixing bowls I wanted for herbs for my altar and was only just beginning to research (yes, they’re [completely 70s looking and semi-hideous](https://www.etsy.com/listing/538049356/mccoy-nesting-bowls-brown-drip-edge?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=brown%20drip%20mccoy%20nesting%20bowl&ref=sr_gallery_1), but they hold a fondness and nostalgia for me that actually helps a lot when working spells). For $6! So all of this in one weekend that was going to be a series of slow online purchases for between 2x and 8x the price. All for under $85, which would be the low end price of the bracelet alone. And the hat and bracelet were better than what I had my eye on on Etsy, nearly perfect versions of what I was looking for.

    I also did the old “two cloves of garlic and a nail love charm”, not to attract someone, but to keep my ex husband from cheating on me with some stupid girl he worked with and had a crush on, and it worked for a little while, and then backfired immediately when I undid it (another stupid, even younger girl he worked with). Lesson learned. On both counts. Don’t do love spells. Don’t put up with shitty red-flag behavior of your significant other continually getting crushes on his younger co-workers because he’s an insecure man child and hope it will go away. This was in 2006.

  5. Yes? Im spontaneous and have a good number coincidental blessings.

    One semi-“profound” result was one of the first spells I cast. My gf at the time had a very creepy customer that seemed too infatuated with her. The sort that special ordered the harder to get hentai. Wasnt me being over protective, he genuinely creeped her out.

    I cast a spell to dissolve the energy connection and send him on his way. His next visit to pick up his order, he paid, didnt linger about chatting amd being weird. Bid her farewell(i dont recall specific words). And never came back.

  6. My sister definitely had something negative stick to her. From what it sounded to me, a girl she didn’t like (flirted with her boyfriend at the time and very jealous of her), saw her at a football game and gave her the evil eye. She felt a negative energy follow her around for days until she went and got a Reiki cleansing – said she felt immediately better.

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