[Help] Safety jars/spells?

[Help] Safety jars/spells?

I’ve been coping with a concern that I have not been capable of clarify for almost all of my life. No explanations, no causes, simply bouts of intense concern that one thing is with me. I’ve felt this lengthy earlier than entering into witchcraft. I’ve defined it to therapists and medical doctors and nobody will help me. I used to have evening terrors as a baby, I do not know if that has any impact on this.
Anyway, as I’ve been entering into witchcraft, I have been questioning if it might be spirits or one thing. I used to be questioning about making a safety jar or spell, that will maintain spirits with ill-will away from me or my room. I’m nonetheless getting in to my research and I suppose I simply concern that if I do it improper there might be penalties. I’ve learn that it’s principally about intentions. I am only a worrier and I really feel just like the jar or spell might assist me really feel safer in my area. Does anybody have any recommendation or expertise that might assist me?

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  1. Before trying a jar spell, try some St John’s Wort. You should be able to get it from any pharmacy. Do check for contraindications though – there’s quite a few medicines it’s not compatible with.

  2. I think you should make a spell jar, charm, or pillow. But first, physically and magically cleanse your space, and place protective wards on the doors and windows. You can also plant Betony outside to drive spirits away.

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