Hiya! I’m penning this with tears in my eyes, hoping I’ll discover some decision right here. I do not understand it that is the place to ask, and, if not, please don’t be indignant with me, simply information me the place else ought to I ask.
So, three weeks in the past, a neighbour poisoned my canine. Max was a German Sheperd combine, an attractive 9 years outdated boy, however we’d usually go exterior at evening and howl on the moon. My neighbour didn’t complain, he simply poisoned him over evening, for my dad to seek out him chilly and stiff the following morning. We liked him with all of our coronary heart, we miss him dearly, and we tried pursuing a authorized motion in opposition to the a*gap, however, as there have been no whitnesses to the crime, he cannot be charged with something. We solely understand it was him as a result of he bragged about it to my dad that terrible morning, that he lastly acquired some silence.
I by no means had any hyperlinks to magic, however, as a final resort, I really feel in my coronary heart, I wish to curse or hex him. I would like him to endure, I wish to have some revenge for my candy candy boy, I am unable to simply let it slide. Is there such a curse/hex? The place would I discover it? Assist me please, and sorry if I requested within the unsuitable place and/or offended anybody with my submit.

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  1. I wouldn’t go to a curse on this *thing that hurt your family. It’s horrible and I’m sorry you and your family has suffered like this but curses aren’t the answer for something in this case. I don’t believe in the law of threes as a witch but, I do believe that tainting yourself for a bit of revenge for this is only going to hurt you in the end. You’re not going to get the peace you deserve, curses are heavy burdens and the caster will carry part of it knowing they threw it out there.
    If you still want to get back at him, there’s a mild spell I have that won’t be more than calling what he deserves, and depending on his actions it can be good or bad. Let me know.

  2. (Spirit-worker, witch)

    Personally, I would hold off on curses or hexes. All they do is wreak havoc and don’t change anything. In my experience, they’re really mindless forms of aggressive magick. They don’t really teach a lesson. They just cause problems and many people I know find themselves in a position of feeling like they didn’t accomplish what they wanted to. Their curse may have leveled someone but it still isn’t enough. It wasn’t what they wanted overall. I’m not against aggressive or negative magick at all…I’m only against pointless magick.

    What you need is justice…somehow. He must recognize and pay for what he’s done. You cannot kill a family pet. What I’d do is go to my Spirits I work with and I’d ask Them to change his circumstances so justice is done…if They weren’t already enraged by what happened. When you start working with Spirits, developing relationships with Them, Some get attached to you and Others have been with you since birth or beyond. But anyway, that’s what I’d do. And I’d petition Them, maybe bribe Them, and ask for justice. Justice…being fair. Examine his character. Examine what he’s done. Then I’d ask Them to break him. Destroy the thing that causes him to think he can do this. Destroy that and overall, make sure he knows what he did is wrong. But always ask for justice.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss and I can feel how hard you’re hurting, but I think you need to take a step back and put your efforts into healing and good energy because right now you’re not in a good headspace.

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