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At the moment simply starting my craft and earlier than I make my first run to an natural retailer I might love to listen to what you all rely as important instruments! Proper now I am planning on buying:
And mustard seeds.
Most of those are simply based mostly on rituals or summoning I am planning on doing quickly, however is there something price all the time having round?


4 thoughts on “Herbs?”

  1. Sage, yes, a definite “must have”. Anything that helps to calm or stabilize the mind is good to have on hand, too. That’d be chamomile (which you can find in most tea shops) and/or lavender. On the opposite end: something to uplift and stimulate the mind (orange, peppermint, rosemary).

  2. In addition to sage I’ve found that the sacred bark of the Palo Santo tree will disperse any stagnant energy and really livens up a room. I usually burn a mix of holy basil, sage and palo santo together to form a rich aromatic smoke to cleanse my environment and myself both before and after any rituals. I’d also recommend mugwort if you’re planning on making tinctures or just as a medicinal plant to have on hand. It aids in the ‘settling‘ of the body to make astral projection / lucid dreaming easier and more vivid.

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