Hey guys assist me with atlar candles

Hey guys assist me with atlar candles

I am making an attempt to arrange the atlar, Cunningham stated to make use of inexperienced and purple however I couldn’t discover purple. Is it okay to make use of white, blue, or yellow as an alternative?

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  1. It’s really more about the intention you put into it. The colors really just help us remember what each represents.

    And also don’t be afraid to change things out. Maybe different trinkets and decorations for different seasons.

    Remember, *intention is everything*.

  2. Others mentioned that white candles are always great. I stock up on white candles and black candles over other colors.

    For the sake of adding to the discussion I just want to add: There may be another color you could use in place of the red candle (alternative to white) but it’s dependent on the purpose of your alter. If you included some detail on what the altar was for it would be easier to suggest an alternative.

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