Highly effective/evocative phenomenon for inexperienced persons?

Highly effective/evocative phenomenon for inexperienced persons?

I actually, *actually* need to consider that there’s magic and fantastical para-normal phenomenon on the market, I at all times have. I’ve by no means had something display to me that there both is or is not. I’ve heard tales and wished to consider, however I’ve by no means seen/skilled something both approach. I would like to vary that.

I do not count on Harry Potter stage stuff, clearly, however even one thing as (comparatively) easy as an OBE, lucid dreaming, or a therapeutic spell or one thing can be good (as I am somewhat unwell). What I really need is one thing notably visually stimulating. I am certain that evoking small modifications by means of magick works nice and is right for inexperienced persons, however I would like one thing a little bit extra materials – if anybody is aware of of any such factor. Any sort of assurance I could be given can also be useful; I do not thoughts pouring work into one thing, so long as I do know it’ll yield outcomes.

I am not seeking to disprove any phenomenon or to make any egocentric good points from it; I simply need to verify what I’ve believed my entire life – that magic *should* be actual indirectly or one other.

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