Honey and vinegar jar spell experiences

Honey and vinegar jar spell experiences

Hey everybody! I’d love to listen to your experiences with honey and vinegar jar spells, and whether or not they’ve truly labored (or not labored) for you.

2 thoughts on “Honey and vinegar jar spell experiences”

  1. I do more vinegar but will be doing a honey one soon.

    Vinegar jars are meant for souring a situation or person. For irritations as well as cleaning. Most recently I cast a revealing irritation jinx on my stbxh’s girlfriend. I needed proof of thier infidelities and got it within a week. Her pic inside of a chili pepper mixed with white vinegar and my own homemade hoodoo water.

    Now I’ll be doing a sweetening spell for my stbxh. Instead of fighting over the money in our divorce he will see the deal as “sweet” and take my proposal instead of trying to walk all over me some more.

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