How are you going to have a good time Samhain?

How are you going to have a good time Samhain?

I’ve by no means celebrated Samhain, or every other Sabbat, as a result of my place of residence was uncomfortable with it and did not need me to, so I revered that and simply did small issues like meals charms in non-public. Nevertheless, this yr they’ve began asking questions on my religion and asking me to coach them. Since then they’ve turn into very accepting and welcoming to my religion now that they understood I am not, like, worshipping Devil and sacrificing infants. They’re greater than okay with me celebrating Samhain, and would even prefer to take part! I am very excited however as a result of I’ve by no means been in a position to have a good time the quantity I would love, so the one issues I do know are small rituals and meals charms. I’d love to listen to what you all do to have a good time Samhain!

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  1. I believe pumpkin dishes and a ritual for remembering the dead will be sufficient. I can’t recommend any rituals because my rituals are for my religion. Have you tried r/Wicca yet?

  2. This year I will celebrate on the new moon with a feast to share with my ancestors passed, and a home cleansing before and after. (Before with sage, then juniper, after with just sage)

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