How dangerous is is to forged a love spell?

How dangerous is is to forged a love spell?

I’ve casted love spells they usually at all times appear to work however have damaging outcomes someplace down the road
However I’ve had a giant crush on somebody for some time and it looks as if it is not going anyplace…I wish to forged a love spell on him however.. do you guys suppose it will have damaging penalties?

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  1. It’s all down the the precise intent you put into it. If you’re forcing him to love you against his free will, then sure it’s likely to go wrong. If you’re just using magical means to help him to understand that you are available and interested, and letting him make his own mind up, then there’s no reason why it should be a problem.

  2. Be careful. As has already been mentioned, messing with other people’s free will can come back to bite you.
    My suggestion would be to center the spell on yourself; let the intention be to increase your attractiveness, promote success in love, or something along those lines.

  3. They are overwhelmingly selfish and generally cast for short-term gratification. No spell that is generated for such reasons and with such intent is going to work out *well*. It’s not just that “love spells go wrong” it’s that spells cast from a place of weakness go wrong.

  4. I’m going to say it again: be careful. I once cast a love spell when I was with a guy, about ten years ago, that “bound us” together when we were going through a particularly bad time. I used locks of his hair and my hair in it—although I don’t remember any other specific details now. What I do remember, very clearly, is that our bad patch got worse and we ended breaking up, but it took me a good seven or eight years to get over him. Even though he was actually a terrible boyfriend who cheated on me, skipped on the rent and piggybacked off of my financial success all the gd time. It took me way longer to separate from him emotionally than it might have without that spell in the mix.

    So, I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t let the drive or fog of your current situation cloud your judgement. If it’s meant to be, it’ll come to pass. If you force it, you risk reaping the repercussions for years to come.

  5. Love spells work really well if you know the person, etc. The less unknowns the better when it comes to love magic.

    When you see people mention how the love spell backfired, it typically means the person isn’t anything like they expected them to be. A lying, cheating, abusive individual who is now obsessed with you.

  6. Why not flirt with this guy? Or a divination spell for a sign he is interested? Or a spell to invite someone who wants you? I’d go with one of those before resorting to magical roofies. Whatever you decide good luck.

  7. Love spells will never fix the underlying interpersonal issues that keep two people from being romantically involved. Casting a love spell when no real, solid connection exists between you will lead to nothing but toxicity and pain.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong casting a love spell on yourself, to attract love into your life.

    As for casting a love spell on a particular person, I have nothing against it but from my personal experience, it turned out horribly.

    It is said that you shouldn’t mess with another persons free will. I would say that you can’t mess with another persons free will. When I was in my teens (in my 30’s now) I cast a love spell on a particular guy I had a crush on. I got what I wanted, he became my boyfriend but what I didn’t realise is that I interrupted something that he had going on with another girl. Eventually he cheated on me and broke up with me for that same girl. I was devastated.

    That wasn’t the end of it. Throughout my 20’s I kept crossing paths with the same guy. He was interested in me but wasn’t interested in my love, he just wanted something else. I was so hung-up on him and allowed him to use me and lead me on. We had quite a few on-again/off-again flings throughout my 20’s. I became a mess, he lost what little respect he had for me. He is now married to a nice woman and they have a kid, I wish him all the best. He seems happy and although it took me a while, I have moved on.

    I am not Wiccan and don’t believe in the rule of three, however, I do believe that the love spell I cast on him came back on to me. It’s almost like although my purpose was to cast a spell that would make him fall in love with me, the opposite happened and the spell I cast caused me to become obsessed with him.

    I tried to mess with his free will and it didn’t work. I ended up causing a whole lot of trouble and heartbreak for myself, wasted 10+ years of my life being hung-up on someone I otherwise might have gotten over quickly, missed out on other romantic prospects and stunted my growth as a human being. Oh, and completely humiliated myself too.

    My advice in regards to love spells is to stick to ones that will attract love into your life, rather than focusing on a specific person.

  9. Depends on morality. No one can tell you what your moral compass is. I just say if something backfires you have no one to blame but yourself, but that’s s given. I mean to be blunt it’s stupid to cast a love spell on someone because YOU like them. Maybe they don’t like you back? I mean it’s pretty selfish even if love spells don’t exist tbh.

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