How do I take advantage of Graveyard Grime for cover?

How do I take advantage of Graveyard Grime for cover?

First off, I’m new to reddit so if I posted this within the mistaken part, I am sorry. I by no means know the place on earth to publish section-wise. I have been studying for hours and hours relating to utilizing graveyard dust and have realized A LOT. Nevertheless, each single web page, actually, solely specifies the best way to get hold of it. However I am nonetheless confused on the best way to use it after getting it? I seemed in every single place and for some cause folks simply cease after telling you the best way to get it. I will be going to my grandmothers grave who I used to be semi-close to as a baby. I cherished her dearly although and vice versa. I need to do a safety spell. I initially wished to do a therapeutic spell to assist my fiancé get by tough instances mentally and bodily however I learn that the one methods you should use it’s for evil, love spell or safety spell. Am I mistaken about this? How would I’m going about utilizing this? Is there someplace I might put it? Do I combine it with one thing? Do I sprinkle it someplace? Please assist! Thanks.

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  1. Cemeteries are generally considered to be hallowed ground, so graveyard dirt is likely more a sacred tuft of land than evil. You can use it for evil but you can also use it for good,neutral or whatever. Make a gris bag for him with a bit of it, use it in a protection ritual as the earth aspect and direct the energies towards protection. There’s a lot of ways of using it…just gotta get creative.

    On the mundane side of things, I hope the groundskeeper of your local cemetery is cool with it, because disturbing the graves isn’t smiled on by many people. If not, I hope you have a plan to get it that’s worked out.

  2. Make a usefull protection bottle… Grave dirt isn’t ‘evil’ but um need tô understand only a single pointer: Its Holy, ground because graveyards os supposed to dissolve the mundane into spiritual, decompositon and return. Every portion of earth os associated with these ‘death and life’ concepts, but graveyard us for humans, isn’t? So, you can do a lot of spells If u can understand the mistery behind Its use. Death as a parte of life, this is why grave dirt is used in malefica and apotrophaic Magic…

  3. Grave dirt is like Earth-based Christian holy water or salt. Also, don’t take books as gospel (pun intended), but rather as guides or starting points.

    For your healing example, you could use grave dirt as the foundation, purifying the entire spell and keeping bad intentions from entering while grounding the whole thing in earth magic, the physical healer.

    Earth & healing are closely entwined, as is its connection with death. The same ingredient whose intention here is healing, grounding, and protection could also be used for cursing or binding.

    How You use it is also up to you. The gris-gris bag is a distinctly hoodoo practice, which I’m not terribly familiar with but many American/Haitian witches employ. I’m more of an herbalist, so I might mix up the dirt with other herbs until I got something that “smelled”/sensed nice/appropriate (scent is very magical in my opinion), then sprinkle it in a protective circle outside around the house/across the thresholds of the fiance’s home. If indoors, I’d do it in a sweep able area to then symbolically sweep out the bad spirits.

    I also don’t use graveyard dirt, preferring straight up herbs/plants/crafts sort of thing, but my point is that spells are intensely personal and flexible. Be consistent and be thoughtful, not just prescriptive. It’s definitely an art, not a science.

    For your specific case, perhaps try praying to your grandmother for her advice. It’s her dirt, after all–how would she like it used?

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