I believe I stepped away for too lengthy

I believe I stepped away for too lengthy

Whats up all!
I simply ran throughout this as we speak. Pardon format, on cellular, different excuses and so on. this can be a semi lengthy submit/rant and if anybody has any recommendation it will be drastically appreciated.

So I concern I might need walked away from magic for too lengthy. Once I began my journey I had a major different in my life that was serving to me. Answering questions, lending me books and pointing me to web sites that have been credible. It was nice. For some time.
A number of months into the connection, it lasted roughly one yr, issues began to alter. I used to be having nightmares each night time that may wake me and I used to be all the time on edge. To make this lengthy half quick, the SO confessed to cursing me with nightmares.
This did not come till after we had already break up up, and the information scared the hell out of me. I knew curses and hexes have been on the market, and I’ve completed some delicate studying on them. Form of like my private Protection Towards the Darkish Arts. Know what you are coping with.
Anyway, after I realized this I began having some doubts. She had taught me all I knew on the time and I had simply realized cursing was one thing she was snug with. I feared the magic and teachings she gave me might need had some darkish background. I eliminated all her teachings from my Guide of Shadows, and that is the place it ended.
That was about 2 years in the past (wow the time flies)
I’ve completed minor spells right here and there, however not like I used to. Now I need to begin training extra and get again within the swing of issues. Nevertheless…it does not really feel the identical.
Once I solid a spell or do a ritual, I haven’t got the identical feeling I used to have inside me. I am afraid I stepped away for therefore lengthy I’ve misplaced, or not less than forgotten, the texture of magic.
Has anybody else ever had this? Stepping away for an extended time period after which when going again feeling like you may’t do something anymore? I preserve telling myself I simply want to sit down down and preserve making an attempt. Nevertheless it’s so discouraging.

I will finish my rant right here. I am sorry there wasn’t a lot circulate and it was a whole lot of semi-personal information. I’ve no pals that observe magic. They’re all atheist so I haven’t got anybody to speak to and after discovering this sub I felt like I wanted to get it out.
Thanks for studying!

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  1. Hey there! It’s understandable why that situation let you feel discouraged, and this may be affecting your ability to pick back up where you left off. Although you cut your exes teachings out of your BoS, maybe it’s an idea to start off completely, in a more literal fashion? Take key teachings from your BoS, Scribe them into a completely new book, so not to remind you of those details, perform a purification ritual on yourself – physically and mentally wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and pick up from there. I don’t know if your tradition of worldview on your practices discourage you from doing this, but it’s just a suggestion. I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully you manage to get out of the slump that binds you!

  2. Something I do when I feel disconnected is go out in nature and meditate. Don’t have to do anything special. Just sit there and think about your practice. Maybe take some crystals along or find some rocks. Arrange them all in the sunshine in front of you. Try to build an emotional connection to them. Charge them with sunlight, love, and good intentions.

    Take those back to your alter and charge up your space. Sometimes we’re just out of sync with nature and we forget why we’re on this path.

    Feel free to pm me if you have any questions. Or just to chat about witchy things 🙂

  3. Also wanted to add: if your ex was willing to curse you, you may want to consider the idea that there was more to the curse, or that the ex is the one suppressing your magic. It could be a good idea to perform a ritual to cut chords or break the curse.

  4. Perhaps your fear is in your way. Maybe what would help is a fresh start.

    Read up on protective magic, cleanse your space from any traces of your ex and re-dedicate yourself to YOUR practice. I am a huge fan of ritual baths. I would take a bath filled with rosemary (for purification) and pink rose petals (for self care).

    It’s definitely understandable that you can’t get back into your old practice, it probably reeks of that relationship. If you can, start a new BoS, purify it and dedicate it and all of your workings going forward to a new path that is all yours. You can take measures to bind your ex or protect yourself, but other than that, as hard as it might be, try not to let your ex into your mind during practice.

    You may need to take time to heal before you’ll be ready. If so, do what you need to be ready to do this for you. Meditate or if you’d like to use magic, do a spell for letting go or if you’d prefer, forgiveness. Cry in the shower while burning Palo Santo, let your tears wash down the drain, releasing that energy and banishing it for good.

    Good luck!

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