I might love some steering in what I can do to keep off an terrible individual.

I might love some steering in what I can do to keep off an terrible individual.

Hey everybody. First timer right here. I’ve dabbled in witchcraft once I was in my teenagers however have not been doing so for 7 or so years. I am rusty. That is the place I want some steering. It is a lengthy submit nevertheless it’s come to the purpose the place assist is required on the next degree. This explains why I am right here. Sorry for lengthy submit however I wish to give as a lot information as I can about this individual.

My mother-in-law met a person on-line. She had gotten a divorce from my husbands father and was going via a tough time a few yr in the past. She was very naive and lonely. Cue this man having the ability to enter her life so simply. She principally had a mid-life disaster. Her residence was a celebration residence and this man shouldn’t be a great individual. He bought despatched to jail a couple of months after they met for violating his parole He is a registered sexual offender. Excessive danger at that. I’ve discovered websites along with his mugshots and data. My husband and I moved in along with her earlier than figuring out this information about him. Fortunately he went to jail a couple of weeks earlier than we settled in and he or she tell us about him. He asks her for cash whereas in jail (and he or she’s struggling) he writes letters saying all the things she desires to listen to (sure, I’ve seemed) it is virtually brainwashing to a degree the issues he says and emotionally abusive. Similar to with out her he would wish to die and many others.. principally enjoying thoughts video games. He is in there for four years (possibly much less with good habits) we have now tried to inform her he is not somebody to be round. He is not good. He is advised lies that do not add as much as being “excessive danger” and retains repeating he had (no victims) to place it into her head. I actually suppose he’s a con artist as a result of now he’s speaking marriage along with her.. he cheated on his first spouse along with her.. after which had that spouse be-friend” my mother-in-law and ask for cash too. It is all so sketchy and I am not the sort to sit down and let somebody who was simply lonely waste their life on somebody like this. I’ve kids and I will be damned if he goes close to them. We do not wish to lease elsewhere as a result of we’re serving to pay for this residence for our future.

I am asking for any advise. She is totally wrapped round his finger it is scary so speaking to her will trigger her anger. That’s the reason I am right here. I want some form of solid of readability on her to see issues from a logical perspective. I do not even know if that might be robust sufficient.. so one thing to assist ward him off possibly too? The one factor “psychical” I’ve of his are the letters he writes and I can print his image from mugshots. Perhaps an previous merchandise of clothes (unsure however I can look). That is an terrible individual and everybody however her is aware of this to be true. Any assist could be superb. Thanks!

TLDR; terrible man in mother-in-laws life. Makes her comfortable by telling lies and something she desires to listen to. Does not imagine being a sexual offender “excessive danger” is flawed. Utilizing her for cash and self acquire sooner or later. Looks as if a con artist however I am unable to affirm clearly. Want him out of our households life. I am fearful of what he’s able to.

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  1. She may be clinging to him to fill some emotional void in her life. I would suggest reaching out to her to form a positive connection. Maybe invite her to a nice lunch to just chat. Send her something cheery. Encourage her to make/spend time with friends. Forming positive relationships may help her see his negative influence better and give her strength to distance herself.

    Magically speaking, you could try doing some protective spellwork around your house to limit his influence there.

  2. Unfortunately, what you’re​ up against is your mother-in-law’s own self-deception – which, unfortunately, is part and parcel of her free will. It’s not impossible to mess with a person’s will, but it’s never a good idea and it’s guaranteed to blow up in your face. 😔

    About all you can do is to bolster hey confidence however you can, let her know that she is loved and deserves to be loved, and that you won’t say “told you so” if she breaks free of the creep.

  3. You’re all so very insightful and amazing with the help you’ve provided and your suggestions. I expected nothing less than amazing from this community and you all have not disappointed!

  4. Do some blessings on your mother for knowledge, self love, and to ward off deception. Does he have any clothes or shoes lying around? If so, put some hot foot powder in them. If not, do a cold/freeze spell.

    Take a piece of paper and write his name on it. On the back write “go away” or “leave mom alone” and put it in your freezer for awhile. If you don’t know his name, write a nickname for him.

    Put some brick powder around your mom’s computer or where she reads her letters. You don’t have to use much, but it is supposed to keep people who want to harm you away.

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