I requested my tarot playing cards ‘Is there a curse on me’?…

I requested my tarot playing cards ‘Is there a curse on me’?…

… And I obtained the three of cups, reversed.

That is a ‘sure’ card reversed right into a ‘no’, proper? Or is it a particular signal that I am burdened?

About 10 years in the past, I obtained on the fallacious aspect of a colleague about who practiced witchcraft and it was about cash that I’d now not lend. Ever since then I have been underneath a extremely unfortunate star relating to work and well being. I realise that the mundane rationalization of ‘you simply have to work more durable’ is 99.9% the reply however I simply cannot shift that nagging doubt, particularly as this lady was not mentally balanced (she turned out over time to be schizophrenic) and I really feel like she might have set off an vitality that follows me.

Does anybody have any steering about find out how to take away that feeling if carrying round this (most likely psychological) burden?

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  1. My opinion is that typically asking yes/no questions of the tarot isn’t the best idea. I mean you can but the answer’ll likely be muddled if you even get one. My take on it is you got a card that upright is about positive things, and it was reversed, so take that meaning and yes, the person may have cursed you. Looking at the situation the person in question was/is unstable so it’s probably more likely as a result anyway.

    That’s how I feel about it. “You need to work harder” is society blaming misfortunate people for being misfortunate as usual. I usually just do protective workings to deal with this sort of thing but someone else might have better advice on how to handle it.

  2. Rev 3 cups is in my mind the card of overindulgence to pain/excess. I reckon you are inflicting this *curse* on yourself via something unhealthy (but enjoyable) you are doing too frequently

  3. I don’t believe in curses and karma. The more you think you’re cursed, the more it happens. Our mind is capable of incredible things, so thinking of something that is negative causes it to happen. Or perhaps she is a psychic vampire and her negativity is leeching on you.

  4. i get that; good intentions given usually clear up alot. also alot of witches i know mistake stuff. me for instance.
    i hear all electrical devices i went through hell and back thinking it was bad energy or something.
    with time comes understanding & if she does harbor ill will im shure you can come to an “ah ha” moment and figure out a way to beat it back.

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