I wish to educate myself

I wish to educate myself

I did not actually know that witches existed in any significant approach till considerably not too long ago. The extra I’ve learn up and even simply perusing this web page, the extra I turn out to be. Query: I do know that the witchcraft group at giant is fairly disjointed when it comes to beliefs, however is there any type of broadly acknowledged, unifying textual content that is not the work of some random modern-day creator who could or will not be simply writing down their private emotions on the topic? I would like to coach myself, as a result of I have been making an attempt to study extra, however most websites I’ve come throughout do not look significantly respected.

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  1. Unfortunately while there is no one all-encompassing text that can tell you everything you need to know, there ARE tons of books to choose from that hold very valuable knowledge for beginners.
    You COULD try looking up a couple ancient texts on the subject of witchcraft, but you’d go crazy before you could wrap your head around some of the things it says. trust me.
    My advice to you is to find what interests you the most about witchcraft and go from there. you could start anywhere because there is no wrong place to start your journey. you could start with history of witchcraft, beginners spells, or even search beginners witchcraft books.
    Amazon.com is your friend. I get quite a lot of my reading material on the craft from amazon and I’m rarely disappointed. Take a look at the metaphysical section of the amazon bookstore to get an idea of what you should get.

    pay attention to those book reviews. witches and other practitioners of magic read and review those books and seeing what they had to say about the content is a great way to separate which books are crap and which are not.

    other than that, gain your knowledge from others who are practicing witchcraft. I personally follow many instagram accounts run by witches, mediums, and other people who do what I do. Some of my most valuable knowledge has come to me through other people who practice witchcraft.

    the more you read and soak in, the easier it will be to form your own PERSONAL definition of what witchcraft and being a witch means to you. There is no right or wrong way. Magick is what you make of it. Blessings

  2. There is no dogma, no unifying text, that is the power of witchcraft. We are no puppets of priests or empire. We are powerful people, ever so loosely organized, rebuilding the knowledge that was lost eons ago. Like the ancient pagans, accepting all, except those who think they have all the answers.

  3. I don’t use any modern authors books on Witchcraft. I feel like they’re usually lacking in any real substance, but that’s just me. I prefer texts from the 1920’s and earlier. I rely on a combination of recorded folk practices, anthropological information, and first-hand knowledge from people I know who utilize modern versions of ancient folk practices for all of my Witchcraft needs.

    Hope you find what you’re looking for.

  4. I personally find the writings of silver raven wolf really good she has some great starting out books and she breaks stuff down for the novice and more in depth stuff for the older wiser witch id suggest looking into those books if u wanna an open view of how things work blessings

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