I would like your finest job spells

I would like your finest job spells

I utilized for a job I really need and could be wonderful at however I am feeling nervous about not getting a name again and I really want a spell for getting a job. The one one I’ve is absolutely for throughout an interview.

Who’s acquired one thing good?

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  1. Bring salt in your pocket, in the past when I did this spell (always worked so far) I usually just grabbed a packet in the same place I get my morning coffee before.

    When you enter the place of work, sprinkle a bit over the threshold.

    As you sprinkle (it doesn’t have to be a big thing, the three times I’ve done it, I did it as an accidental gesture, like getting rid of a bit of lint, no one would think it a ritual act if they noticed) remember that salt is the earth, the bond that binds, the opposite of shifting water, the opposite of changing fire and blowing air, a crystal sharp and square and flawless and binding.

    Remember that thresholds are neither outside, nor inside, but the liminal limit where you become someone new. That who you become, can be bound to the place you enter, or unbound as you leave.

    Combine the two thoughts and say a prayer if you lean that way, or hum a triumphant tune, or a snatch of poetry, if that is more your thing, to articulate your will to yourself and instrumentalize the foci of the spell to your purpose.

    Always worked for me so far.

  2. I made a spell jar with basil, orange peels, cinnamon, garnet, some geode scraps which had a personal meaning behind them and frankincense (along with a long ritual/mediation with focus on intent). It wasn’t for me, but the person did get a job offer. It turned out that despite them being ‘sure’ they wanted it, it wasn’t the path they wanted to follow so they declined the offer. Still…at least they got an offer? And all ended well so I’m counting this as a success. 🙂


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