Ideas on black tourmaline

Ideas on black tourmaline

Hey, so I do not think about myself a witch as I don’t observe the craft (I learn tarot and meditate/pathwalk largely). I used to be simply questioning about individuals’s opinions within the utilization of black tourmaline as a protecting crystal. I are typically extraordinarily delicate to energies round me, whether or not it’s religious vitality or vitality flowing off others. In our home, we’ve got quite a lot of religious vitality (residing with it for 15 years, and we sage the home once in a while which relieves us of its presence…but it surely at all times comes again. Normally once we are doing one thing new to the home)

Have any of you used black tourmaline to ward religious vitality? I’ve heard that it’s the strongest protecting crystal. Additionally, have you ever used this as a means of smoke free smudging? I’ve examine crystal grids (have no expertise with them, so naturally skeptical) and infusing sage oils and tourmaline crystal in water that’s in a twig bottle to get the room (once more…simply naturally skeptical of it.)

I transfer again to a smoke-free condominium within the fall, and want someway to rid the world I am in of unfavorable energies…once more, both from lingering religious vitality or roommates’ unfavorable vibes.

Any recommendation or assist could be nice, thanks 🙂

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  1. I use quartz and tourmaline as wards, placing them in randomly selected places in my home, and I also make a smoke free room spray by “brewing” 2 parts whole leaf sage, 1 part salt, 1 part mugwort and 1 part lavender together (think like a tea) then I strain the ingredients when the mix is cooled down and spray it around the rooms. Smells more like sage and cleanses the space, keep in the fridge for up to 5 days when not in use

  2. I love black tourmaline! I have a chunk on my office desk to keep the space clear. I think it’s a great thing to add to room sprays, along with oils like clove, rosemary, cinnamon, and frankincense. (Clears energy and smells amazing!)

    Placing black tourmaline in areas of your apartment will definitely help to keep it clear. It’s a stone that doesn’t need cleansing. Another great stone is smokey quartz. It also doesn’t need to be cleansed, it transmutes negative energy.

  3. As someone who also tends to be sensitive to energy around me, I’ve used black tourmaline numerous times as a prendant for it’s protective properties. From my experiences, it has worked very well. Even if it may simply have more of a placebo effect, I’d recommend it as an option to clear away negative energy within and protect from negative outside forces.

    As far as a smoke-free alternative to smudging with sage, I’d suggest using oil burners/diffusers or sprays as others have mentioned in conjunction with wearing the stone or scattering a number of them by windows, doorways, or other thresholds you have. As far as I know, crystals are moreso used as a stationary aid, than as a tool (like smoke) to be spread around an area without specific intent to do so. But that’s just my two cents.

  4. Put it in the corners of your house and windows to redirect the negative energies out of your space. There are other stones that work just as well but, sticking with this one all you need to do is program the stone and set it in your perimeter. Quartz can boost and assist and amethyst can help clear the energies as well…also as an assist.

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