I’m seeking to pay prime greenback for particular objects that I would like for a ritual that I’m doing.

I’m seeking to pay prime greenback for particular objects that I would like for a ritual that I’m doing.

**The deal has been accomplished, I’ve all of the socks I would like now and I would like no different provides thanks.**


(Throwaway used, privateness causes)

Good morning, /r/Witchcraft , I’ve come right here in the present day as a result of I’m in want of particular supplies for an important ritual that I’m doing. I’m keen to pay very a lot for particular objects that I would like. Mainly, what I would like are socks, however in fact not simply any socks.

I’m keen to pay at the least $450 USD (or most well-liked equal) per pair of socks that matches all the base necessities

Listed below are the minimal stipulations for these socks:

– Manufactured inside continental Europe.

– Worn constantly for at the least 14 hours in a row.

– No holes, burns, everlasting stains, or different noticeable put on and tear.

– Every sock should have a corresponding sock that’s the identical, as a pair.

– Solely ever worn by a organic and self-identifying male who can hint >90% of their genetic ancestry to [these](https://i.imgur.com/gIOahyl.png) nations’ indigenous inhabitants.

– The socks should have by no means been inside the limits of a Christian, Muslim, or Jewish place of worship.

– The socks can’t ever have had bodily contact with semen, blood, urine, feces, or vomit.

– The socks should not be sentient, nor comprise the essence of a metaphysical entity, and if there may be one, I need to find out about it.

– The socks should not be in any other case at present entwined with the affairs of any metaphysical entities.

Sure, they’re oddly particular, however thoughts you I’m paying you over $350 a pair. These are absolutely the minimal circumstances, or there is not any deal. It is completely essential that each one of those stipulations are adopted. I’ll ask for proof that the socks meet the circumstances, however I can even be considerably trusting in your honesty.

Nevertheless, I’m keen to pay additional for pairs of socks that meet these circumstances. We are able to speak concerning the specifics of simply how a lot additional privately, however the extra intently and/or the extra circumstances a pair of socks meet, the upper I am going to pay. These are non-compulsory, however we’ll speak concerning the specifics should you’re concerned about that increased worth.

– The pair of sock’s wearer is of >99% Scandinavian descent.

– The wearer has worn the pair throughout a bodily altercation that they decisively, “Received.”

– The wearer has self-identified as a revivalist Pagan for at the least a 12 months.

– The pair of socks have each made contact in some unspecified time in the future with the bottom in an Icelandic forest.

– The wearer is definitely acknowledged and on pleasant phrases with a dwelling animal native inside this [region.](https://i.imgur.com/gIOahyl.png)

– The wearer is of above common peak.

– The wearer is ready to play a full musical piece with out errors on a musical instrument that may be traced to [this](https://i.imgur.com/gIOahyl.png) area.

I do know plenty of these sound bizarre, however do not choose. I’m keen to pay you thru any medium that you just’d like, ideally PayPal. We are able to talk about that additional positively by no matter means you need. There’s at present no restrict to what number of socks I’m keen to purchase, in the event that they meet on the very least the minimal circumstances, I am going to take as a lot as you may have.

You possibly can count on that you’ll by no means see the socks you promote to me once more. Lastly, don’t attempt to deceive me about any pairs of socks you promote me. Severely, the results would not simply be for me, they’d additionally discover you. This is not a recreation, I am paying you over a day’s wages per pair of socks, come on.

Some other specifics we will talk about additional, I am keen to cowl any charges from my finish, I would like these socks inside the precise situation as quickly as humanly attainable.

7 thoughts on “I’m seeking to pay prime greenback for particular objects that I would like for a ritual that I’m doing.”

  1. Can’t tell if weirdly specific fetish, or if some douchebag troll convinced you that the only way to contact a certain type of spirit is with Ye Swette Of Anne Aryanne. Seriously, I’d check on whoever gave you this info.

  2. > I know a lot of these sound weird, but don’t judge.

    Of course we are going to judge you! You’re asking for used socks with zero explanation, and no promise that you won’t use it for some kind of weird black magic thing.

    Best case scenario is that you’re using it to jerk off. Worst case scenario is… I’d like to say a poppet or sympathetic foot track magic, but I get the feeling you’re trying to do something a lot more weird than that, like create some kind of Nordic sock puppet egregore.

  3. Please stop judging this person by calling him racist or fetishist. They are being honest and open, if not transparent. But seriously though, how much about this spiritual pathway is transparent? Give this person a break until you walk a mile in his shoes (sorry).

  4. Would it be easier to find someone that fits your conditions and have him wear the socks according to your conditions? Quicker to fill your request at least.

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