In search of historic sources of magick

In search of historic sources of magick

Hello all, I am searching for historic books and sources of magick. Any enter can be appreciated.


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  1. There is no ancient books on magick as we commonly understanding it. Certainly none on witchcraft. The best resources we do have are maybe a couple hundred years old; such samples as the Black Books of Scandinavia, the Galdrstafirs of Iceleand, Available folklore (which was transmitted orally and then written down), as well as few pocket regions in Europe where such things are still believed.

    Jewish mysticism and Hermentism are other forms of old magick, not to mention various goetic sorceries.

    Ultimately, magick doesn’t come from books. It comes from the dirt beneath your feet, the hidden realities within ourselves, and the act of feeling and reacting in a othermindedly ritualized state.

  2. Give me a day or so to go through my collection and compile some sources and quotes. I am a classicist who concentrates in Latin, but I have also studied ancient Greece and a bit of Attic Greek. I know there are ancient examples of Egyptian magic, but I could not tell you much beyond researching Kemeticism and the Book of the Dead. I believe there is a subreddit (/r/kemetic).

  3. Learn and do. Magic is magic and it hasn’t changed from the ancient to the present. Working in magic will teach you what you need to know, feeling the magic will in turn tell you its history. You don’t need ancient texts to teach you that magic is old, the text is for learning how to interact with it.

  4. You might try the papiry graecae magicae… A tome of Greek and egiptian Magic from the late theban period +-. Its full of rituals and recipes, talismans and spells. Check It out 😁

  5. Why are you wanting “ancient” sources, if you don’t mind my asking? Is it for a paper, or do you feel that the older something is, the more legitimate or powerful it is. Because I assure you, that’s not the case. Magic is ageless.

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