in search of understanding? has this ever occurred to anybody else?

in search of understanding? has this ever occurred to anybody else?

so principally what i have been coping with is my homes and residences falling down round me. I did not even think about it being my fault and even realized it was an issue till a pal talked about “wow whats up together with your vitality”. i perceive if this appears uncertain, there most likely is a extra affordable clarification, it simply appears to be too coincidental. however i assumed id ask you guys.

All of my residences and homes besides one have been experiencing cracking and nail popping within the partitions.

For some time I used to be having day by day panic assaults. That home and the following one had it the worst. virtually each room had cracking from the home windows and nails popping from the partitions. it was the rationale i moved from one residence to a different and when it occurred once more, i assumed it was the humidity screwing with the partitions.

After I received higher, I moved states and received a brand new residence and all was superb…till my home was damaged into. i began having panic assaults in that residence and earlier than i moved so i may really feel secure once more, i observed minor cracking from a number of home windows and in some areas it appeared just like the nails have been bulging behind the paint. No humidity on this state. (or its such a small quantity that its not thought of humid). I did not suppose a lot of it as soon as once more.

Now I am in my new residence and all has been superb for almost all of time ive been right here. Nonetheless, a number of months in the past I started having issues with the upstairs neighbor. (for these of you curious, she lets her canine pee from her balcony onto my issues on my patio, doesnt ever stroll her giant dog-just lets it bark all day lengthy from stated balcony, loopy drunken combating after midnight that wakes me up). She now calls me psycho bitch anytime she sees me as a result of I lastly referred to as animal management after she refused to reply any notes I left and the administration would not resolve the scenario.

Anyway, I started sending unfavorable energies as much as her. Form of visualizing karma coming and giving her what it felt she deserves. It was the one factor that helped me really feel higher. She shortly after totaled her automobile and I jokingly thought wow it labored! (be aware I jokingly thought, I did not really suppose I used to be doing something)

However now as of final week, I’ve observed the ceiling is cracking. Little spider net skinny cracks, however theyre there. I believe one received larger on this previous week. I discussed it to a pal who identified my final residence cracked too and talked about my energies as acknowledged earlier than.

(different bizarre coincidences have occurred too coping with energy- a lightbulb went out when i used to be drunk and bathing and that i annoyedly thought “activate” and it did and i used to be like thats bizarre okay if i do it once more im magic “flip off” and it did. it freaked me out sufficient to wish to get out of the bathtub and by no means attempt it once more so I do not know if it was actual or really only a coincidence)

i apologize if this sounds completely insane, I really feel insane as I am typing it. However its attending to the purpose that it is inflicting me to query. What do you suppose? Coincidences, or may I really be efficiently utilizing my vitality? (properly unsuccessfully for those who depend the panic assaults as I used to be very uncontrolled of myself)

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  1. It sounds to me, that you are starting to awaken and use your energy. That anxiety you feel sometimes, could be too much energy all cooped up inside you.

  2. It seems similar to poltergeist energy. I don’t mean a ghost, I mean a living person poltergeist who’s energy is just wrecking havoc. I’d recommend you start doing daily meditations. If you did a daily banishing and grounding/centering, that would also help you gain control over your energy so it isn’t tearing down everything around you. There are many ways to do this, so you’ll have to find the one that feels best to you.

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