Indoor Backyard Apply Suggestions

Indoor Backyard Apply Suggestions

Hey, does anybody have good strategies for rising herbs indoors? I used to have a very nice out of doors backyard for my follow, however I am having to maneuver into a 3rd flooring condominium, and I am feeling a bit misplaced. Any strategies on what I can do to nonetheless take my follow with me?

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  1. I grow things indoors in flowerpots that don’t grow in the cool wet environment of Wales. Notably Thornapple and Syrian Rue which are from much warmer climes. Keep them in a sunny window without being so hot it scorches them. Water regularly, but not too much – you don’t want to drown them. Make sure the pot is big enough for how big the plant will grow. Best of luck.

  2. I created this garden on my deck. It was a tiny space, but I grew at least a dozen plants.

    If you decreased the pot size, you could fit as many inside and on or right in front of a sunny window (which is what I did with the perrenials in the winter when I brought them in).

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