Inquisitive about if my canine was a well-recognized or one thing supernatural

Inquisitive about if my canine was a well-recognized or one thing supernatural

I’ve learn a bunch about familiars and understand that pets are usually not the identical factor. My understanding is hat a well-recognized is both some type of spirit that may take sure shapes, corresponding to an animal, or else could possibly be a spirit that has taken over an animal and makes use of its physique, or one thing of that nature. Be at liberty to appropriate me.
My canine, Romeo, handed away extraordinarily immediately over the summer season on the age of 10 months. He was utterly wholesome a month earlier than (had blood work performed previous to his neutering and he was in good well being) and immediately turned ailing and handed away within the spans of about three hours sooner or later. Upon his post-mortem the docs discovered no trigger for his signs that result in his demise – his blood work confirmed no toxins, solely proof was some mind swelling and his lungs filling with blood. They didn’t actually have a solution and neither did we.
Romeo was not like different canine. He was extra like a human than something, weirdly so in actual fact. You possibly can maintain a dialog with him and he would act on what you have been saying as if he utterly understood you (and each me and my associate really feel entire heartedly this was as a result of he did). We now have come to the conclusion that he got here to my life as a information and left when he felt his mission was full. This canine actually saved me, altering my life path from that of suicide to stability. He was what introduced me along with my present associate (now over a 12 months collectively and going robust). It’s exhausting to clarify, however it wasn’t merely he duty of getting a pet or one thing of that nature – it was him.
Everybody who met him felt he was particular on this approach as nicely.
My associate has expertise within the occult and I’ve pure psychic skills. I’m not a training witch however felt this subreddit could be most knowledgeable about this matter. Please redirect me if there’s a higher place to ask this. I do consider in mysticism and have been trying into shamanism as nicely.
My query is what may he have been, as he most actually wasn’t a canine. A well-recognized? An animal possessed with a guiding spirit? I’m undecided even analysis this matter as I’m undecided label what occurred.
Whereas I nonetheless miss him on a regular basis I’ve largely come to just accept his passing. Romeo by no means did something he didn’t wish to and he wouldn’t have gone if he wasn’t prepared.
Any recommendation would assist. I miss the connection I had with him as a lot as he himself. His presence unpowered and balanced me and i might like to faucet again into that type of a drive and talk with it if it’s a chance.

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  1. Sometimes an animal will absorb an attack intended for their guardian and die unexpectedly. In other cases a sudden death is a just that-one of the tragedies of life. I also had a pet who was more than a pet but I do not see as familiar- my pet gave me a being to trust and showed me more empathy than other people around me. You clear gratitude for this being coming into your life will likely attract others in the right time- just be open to what they can teach you…

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