Interrupted Throughout Spell

Interrupted Throughout Spell

I used to be in the course of casting a spell (wont go into an excessive amount of element) and my dad was calling me. I needed to rush to complete the spell and got here again to shut the circle later. I did what the spell stated, I simply obtained interrupted. Ought to I be nervous concerning the final result of the spell or ought to I strive once more subsequent week?

2 thoughts on “Interrupted Throughout Spell”

  1. If the interruption broke your energy, space, and focus, then I imagine that it will cause it to not work. This is why we turn our phones off during ritual and keep them away from our working spaces.

    I recommend trying again if you do not get the intended results.

  2. I live at home too. Simpler meditation spells are fine during the day, but more complicated spells are better done at night when you can focus and no one can bother you.

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