Is being a witch spiritually harmful?

Is being a witch spiritually harmful?

Tldr: scared to imagine in wicca in case i begin attracting spirits or am judged.

What was your expertise together with your first ritual? Did you ever get attacked or harmed by one thing? How can I keep protected and wholesome? How do I discover a pal who additionally practices wicca?

Although I really feel extra fulfilled when doing magickal follow, ive solely been doing smaller issues with no full on circles or rituals. Ive made just a few sigils and smudge with white sage fairly usually. Within the bathe I usually do a cleaning ritual.

Im scared to name myself a witch although. I dont name myself one in any respect, even in my thoughts, as a result of some time again on Tumblr I heard that as quickly as you begin figuring out as that, you entice spirits and energies thay could be harmful or dangerous, and may trigger despair or dangerous luck.

That is partially why I achieve this many cleaning rituals and smudging. The firat sigil I made was with the intention “I want to be hidden from adverse energies” ( and I plan to interchange it with one with the intent ” I will likely be hidden from dangerous entities”). I additionally created one which was simply to assist me really feel protected since i battle with anxiousness and one other to assist me really feel happy with my writing.

I do know that is apparent however I simply realized tonight that if I do not settle for my perception in magic and embrace what calls to me, my sigils and different rituals arent going to work. If i dont let myself imagine in myself or magic clearly it wont work for me.

Im additionally afraid of getting an altar or practising magic as a result of I stay with my bf (of 5 years) and youthful brother and Im scared theyll name me loopy. My bf says hes cool with all of it however i really feel like unwell find yourself pissed off and anxious as a result of i wont have the ability to speak about it with them. Additionally, cant discover a coven and haven’t any mates who’re into wicca :/

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  1. Wicca is only one narrow path of many, many paths that you can take.

    General rule of thumb for life, in general: Don’t give tumblr more than a fleeting thought. I can guarantee you that 95% of people on that site have NO idea what they’re talking about with witchcraft.

    Who cares what others think of your religious practices? You are you, and if this is the path that you decide to take then it yours – not theirs.

    An altar is your safe space. It is yours. You make it, you work it. Nobody will know what your items are for, nor will it work for them.

    You won’t attract negative energies or spirits to you. It might seems sort of scary to jump into the unknown at first, but you will be comfortable soon enough.

    As for meeting another witch? You can call me Nation 😉

  2. I wouldn’t put too much stock into tumblr. Most “witchy” blogs on there are people who don’t actively practice/don’t do their own research/are only into it because they think it’s “cool”. There are a few really good ones and people like me who use it almost like an online BOS/Grimoire.

    By no means would identifying in a different way attract energies, spirits or beings to you automatically. Think of it more like you have to invite them into your lives if you feel so inclined. Just like real life you control who and what is around you!

    The only other thing I can offer (other than friendship haha) is that by actively practicing, you’ll see more magic around you. Everything from floral arrangements to the phases of the moon have their uses and as you learn there will be many cool experiences of “hey I could use that for x” or “I can’t believe I found that here!” Kind of like when you buy a different car and you start seeing them everywhere.

  3. for me, witchcraft is more of a way to help me do stuff when I go into my lethargic state of mind, but my rituals are making physical reminders (Patty the Peppermint Poppet for example) to make sure I do my goals

  4. I’ve never heard that telling others you’re a witch attracts spirits before, and to be frank, I don’t really believe it’s true.

    Keep in mind that there are a *lot* of people online (especially Tumblr) who unconsciously tend towards assuming every bad thing that happens to them is due to malevolent spirits, devils or ghosts. Have you done anything to intentionally evoke any spirits? If not, you’re probably safe. 🙂

  5. I relate to this on such a personal level. I continuously find myself being drawn to paganism if you will as I’m not sure if it’s Wicca or witchcraft or whatnot. But one thing holding me back is constant fear of for example dealing with the devil or Satan or something like that and I don’t know if it’s just due to my Christian upbringing or what. I also like you don’t know anyone with any similar beliefs or know of any covers etc. I have no one to mentor me. It’s very scary but I’m so curious and again have been drawn to it for a long time
    I actually purchases a set of tarot cards not too long back as I was very interested in them. Felt drawn to do it. And my fiance said it’s the devil or something. While playing with them I felt like I got real answers. After a while I would get throbbing headaches as my energy would be so depleted but it made me feel like this is working and then it also made me scared.
    Sorry for rambling ! But if you want a almost newbie friend who is equally as nervous but excited message me 🙂

  6. Yeah it’s tough not being able to talk about stuff with the people you’re around. That is a bit of a burden. I’m struggling with that right now because the frustrating thing is that they so don’t want to acknowledge it yet they can perceive its effects and that inherent contradiction is really painful for many people.

    You misunderstood when you read on Tumblr that calling yourself a witch means you might attract negative energies. Truth of the matter is as soon as you start working magick you begin to attract spirits of all kinds who want to use you as a vehicle to manipulate the world. Important things to note are: 1. this is by and large a good thing because it is how we derive our power 2. It doesn’t matter what you call yourself, what matters aren’t kinds of actions you’re taking. Chaos magicians open themselves up to the same kinds of energies and influences. 3. You’ll probably be fine. This isn’t anything humankind hasn’t dealt with for millennia. We’re here to help you be fine. Take note of your energy levels

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