Is it actual

Is it actual

Not too long ago, a buddy launched me to natural medicines. From that time, I began researching books about herbs. One of many steered books was a ebook on witchcraft, I then realized that they’re associated. In fact my curious thoughts now desires to learn about witchcraft and its capabilities and authenticity. I figured that the reddit neighborhood would have the ability to help. So, what are some examples of contemporary witchcraft?

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  1. In witchcraft, some herbal associations are based in lore while others are based in actual use and observation.

    For instance, St. John’s wort has been used as medicine for over 2000 years. For a witch, it might be used for things it’s documented to help, like moods or pain. But it’s associations with St. John and it’s sunny colors (and red sap) mean it gets used in Midsummer celebrations.

  2. I’d wager that many enjoy the use of herbs for their rather “artistic” associations and aesthetic appeal beyond the true physical effects which aren’t just placebo. Such as echinacea, honey, etc…those were used in healing tonics yet do actually help to give the immune system a boost and ease sore throats when sick. Associations are ever evolving. But science tells us where many things used in the craft were used with valid reason (scientifically proven) by modern standards. And I understand using herbs in other ways (something as simple as making sachets or adding them to bath water) is visually appealing. There’s also a ritualism to it that can make you feel more focused on prayer/intent because you’re using something tangible. And that spans many religions so I think as humans, we’re inclined to incorporate visually appealing icons or tools.

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