Italian witch craft

Italian witch craft

Hey everybody, I needed to discover my household roots within the craft so I’m on the lookout for good books/ sources about Italian witchcraft! The one factor I used to be capable of finding is a couple of books and a website all run by the identical man Raven Grimassi. I get cautious when the one supply of data comes from one particular person (except individuals on right here can vouch for his validity). Any ideas are significantly appreciated! Thanks!!

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  1. Check out Angela Voss’ book on Marsilio Ficino. And you should definitely look at [Mallorie Vaudoise’s blog](, she covers a lot of Italian folk magic. And you cannot forget the mystical strains of Roman Catholicism, we can assume a lot of it’s practices were absorbed from local Pagan practices, just how Christianity worked in the rest of the world.

  2. Well, i think Raven Grimassi is a good autor on modern stregheria wich ia a Wicca adaptation on italian witchcraft… Tou rarely Will find some information about the ‘traditional italian craft’ named Stregoneria… Some people (Grimassi included) says stregoneria isn’t witchcraft at ALL. But this is the lesser problem, once you really Focus on the studies you”ll realize that so called folk Magic is really important inside the stregoneria, once It is really the ‘thing’.

    I’ve been initiated in a family tradition of stregoneria, and since i always search knowlwdge in the área, i see a lot of misinformation and confusion about this theme. But you can, practice what Raven teachs in his books, even It being a pasteurized version of italian magic and Creed.

  3. Grimassi is good, also look for works by Charles G. Leland. Please note, however, that there is no more evidence for the historicity of Italian Witchcraft than there is of British Witchcraft, that is, it is primarily a product of the 20th century, with some roots that go as far back as the Romantic period.

  4. so I’m not the “voice” on the subject but I’ll chime in. Italian witchcraft is handed down from generation to generation. Raven Grimassi is a load of BS and don’t go near him. You can try and find someone to adopt you into their lineage but it’s hard…

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