I’ve made an alter with out realizing it.

I’ve made an alter with out realizing it.

Hello, I’m new to all issues pagan. I apologize prematurely if I take advantage of incorrect phrases or something. To start out, I’m not a witch, I’ve practiced yoga for nearly ten years, and I’m a 500hr Yoga trainer, I meditate recurrently, in addition to follow asana, I took advance research in Hinduism, Buddhism, and frivolously touched on Tantra. I’ve all the time loved the philosophy and lifestyle of Buddhism, however by no means noticed myself as one. I’ve all the time been drawn to nature, and feeling linked to the universe. I’m extraordinarily secular, and thought of myself a religious secularist. I used to be on Reddit my typical nightly routine, and I got here throughout this submit on Paganism, within the submit it stated Buddhism fell underneath Paganism. Which sort of shocked me becasue I’ve by no means heard of that earlier than. I do know little to nothing on the practices that fall underneath Paganism. I do know there may be Wicca, Witchcraft…and I’m positive so many extra. It lead me down this path of studying into Wicca, Witchcraft… so on. It lead me to the works of Gerald Gardner, Aleister Crowley, white magick/ darkish magick, an emerald pill, and sigils. Lengthy story quick, it lead me to this subreddit, again from as soon as I began. I used to be scrolling by this web page, and simply clicked on a submit about beginning an alter, I used to be like omg, I completely have one arrange in my home. To not the mindfulness and intentions which might be on right here, however I do. I do not do something with it, it simply was the one desk I had that collected issues. In yoga, you may have an alter, often with a deity, some candles, and maybe and intention, so I’m not naive to assume I used to be fully unaware of what was on my desk. It simply took a type of an alter by years of discovering rocks outdoors I believed the place fairly, good lighting for my herbs, and likewise a spot to burn incense that did not annoy my roommate, which all occur to be on this one desk. I discover myself each couple of weeks, rearranging the stones, to mud, rotating the vegetation to get daylight, and simply shifting issues round.

Is it truly potential, to have an alter, that you simply unintentionally made? Or is that this legit only a random coincidence, that occurs to resemble an alter. No matter what the gathering on my desk is or is not. I discover Wicca, and Witchcraft fascinating, and can proceed to learn into it.

that is my desk https://imgur.com/a/xmrBs

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  1. Hi. Altars can take many shapes and sizes. What you shared looks like an altar to me, but I think the key to having an altar is knowing/intention.

    I am also a certified yoga instructor, as well as a witch. I find there are MANY similarities between modern European based traditions of witchcraft and ancient yogic teachings.

    My practice is fairly eclectic and I draw from both eastern and western schools of thought.

    An altar can be a quiet place for meditation and reflection or an offering place for gods and goddesses you revere. It can be a place of crafting, both physical and metaphysical. It can be a place for prayer.

    I hope you enjoy your research of modern witchcraft. It is more similar to Yoga than many realize. Especially if your yoga goes beyond asana.

  2. I unintentionally set up altars quite frequently. I know that’s a weird thing to say… I just tend to drift into gnosis and “re-arrange” my nick-knacks only to figure out a couple days later that it could serve as an altar. 🤷🏻‍♀️ You do you hun

  3. Yes it is possible, I’ve been doing this for years, collecting things together, it’s only been in recent years that I figured out these are my materials. Plants, dried flowers, twigs and branches, stones, shells and crystals, spiders and their webs, animal fur, jewellery and trinkets made from plants and silver, teeth and thread. So now these are my materials I work with magically and surround myself with.

  4. Yes, altars serve a purpose and I think perhaps you were doing what felt natural to you, even if that was relatively subconscious at first. My ancestor shine sort of came into being unintentionally that way. It started as just a mundane knick knack shelf, where I kept various items that were special to me, some which had once belonged to loved ones, and symbols that reminded me of them…stuff just tended to collect there, as I didn’t have much space to store them, and I didn’t want to throw them away. Eventually I started praying there at times, lighting candles, and eventually leaving offerings, and before I knew it, it was more than just a regular old knick knack shelf.

  5. Oh, and as far as Buddhism being considered pagan… That depends what definition of pagan you are using and who you ask. Historically that word was originally used in context of the Catholic Church, to describe non Christians, usually living in rural areas or on the outskirts of the Roman Empire, and Europe, who kept to their traditional or tribal religions/gods, etc. And indeed many Christians still consider any non Christians to be ‘pagan’ in this sense.

    In the modern usage, the word was reclaimed by modern revivalists, and today it’s a large umbrella term for many various faiths and practices. There is much debate. Sometimes eastern religions like Hinduism or Taoism are included..and sometimes faiths such as Shinto, or Native American, and African diaspora, etc… but generally living traditions with a continuous lineage are not included, unless practitioners of those faiths wish to use that term.

  6. I love your altar! 🙂

    Mine is SO cluttered. I had a big old granite stone, my tarot, my wands, Rowan berries, sticks from an Ash tree, a dolman, a Tibetan singing bell… I need a bigger space, heh.

    One thing that I have always found amazing is that once you start down the path of whatever variation of Paganism, you will (typically) inadvertently start finding more and more connections to this path. I find new ones nearly every single day.

    As for Paganism itself, in these modern days it has been generalized to mean non-Christian. My teachings say that the word Pagan essentially meant farmer or farm dweller. And the pointy hats associated with witches? Pagans used those to hold things in them while working the fields.

  7. For the record I’ve never heard of Buddhism being pagan either, seeing as the definition of pagan is worship outside of the main world religions, which includes Buddhism as far as I know. But hey, do what you want! Just throwing in my two cents.

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