Just a few questions on Witchcraft

Just a few questions on Witchcraft

Hello, I’m somebody who has at all times felt like they have been in contact with spirits from a younger age. I’ve at all times felt like I’ve been aside of one thing a lot bigger than I may ever clarify. My curiosity peaked after my pal launched me to her pendulum crystal she used to ask questions together with her aunt. Initially I used to be however a couple of nights in the past I gave it a shot after she had a sense the stone would work with me. So I took this little citrine pendulum and it was so attentive to me. Finally I had developed such a relationship with the crystal I fondly named him Apollo (which whoops if that is not a superb factor). So my first query is that if this might imply I’ve potential to be a witch. I did not know when you needed to be a sure sort of particular person to change into a witch or if individuals are like destined to change into witches. Witchcraft is one thing my college taught me about by the salem witch trials however I’ve at all times had such a powerful connection and curiosity in that subject, nonetheless they by no means really taught us what witches have been and google searches usually give you many opinions. My subsequent query being, do witches imagine in spirits and ghosts or gods? and if witches might be psychic. It might sound like a silly query however I might fairly it’s answered by actual witches. We had gotten into asking about reincarnation and previous lives which is one other factor I need to know if witches imagine in? Do witches imagine in outdated souls and if that’s the case does having an outdated soul make you a greater witch. I might like to know but when these are far fetched questions please set me straight?
A lot love, thanks.

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  1. Most of what you asked (reincarnation, souls, etc) is more about religion/spirituality than witchcraft.

    Wiccans, which are conflated with witchcraft sometimes, do believe in reincarnation generally. But a christian, atheist, or agnostic witch may not.

    I’m new to witchcraft myself, but it does seem that psychic abilities are seen as going hand in hand with witchcraft often.

  2. People who practice witchcraft may believe or not. We don’t have standard bodies of belief amongst us. Some of us are atheists or don’t believe in the afterlife or otherwise. It will depend on the person what they individually believe

    I do deal with Spirits and believe in multiple “Gods” (but have my own perspective of this). Neither is something you should do without guidance, though I think Gods are generally a little safer depending on other factors.

    People are a little impatient with Spirit veneration and it is not something to approach lightly. Spirits are not always your best friends and do not all care about you. They all take different offerings and you should not give unless you’re getting back somehow. Do not invite whatever to take offerings. Study lore. They are all different and have different personalities. Having a connection is not always a great thing.

    And quite frankly, I think people tend to be a little too eager to call certain things spirits.

    But I personally do believe in some of these things. It will vary for others.

  3. Coming from my viewpoint, I’m not speaking on the half of traditional witchcraft. Just my beliefs. I do believe in gods, which are just very powerful spirits, as well as ghosts which are the spirits of the dead. There are spirits of nature, often called the fae, and demonic spirits. Not scary hellfire spirits, more like spirits who make contracts with witches. The fae are more likely to have encounters with regular people, and can be good or bad. The demons only really attack if a pact or deal was made and something went wrong or you didn’t keep your end of the deal.
    Yes, we definitely can be psychic and practice divination, which is the practices like pendulums and tarot cards and ouija boards and scrying and many many other methods. As well as just the typical psychic stuff, like empaths and clairvoyance and clairsentience. Every witch can be psychic but one which can just naturally be more skilled or talented, this goes for any art in witchcraft. One witch would speak the dead very well and one witch could do great love spells.
    I believe my spirit will exist on forever. You have three bodies- your physical, fetch (astral) and your soul. Your spirit and the spirit of Sarah Smith over there are her fetch. They are an extension of the soul, which is all her past lives.
    Typically in traditional witchcraft there isn’t a concept of karma in reincarnations or where you go in the otherworld.

  4. Disclaimer: there is NO catch-all in the Craft. Practitioners are as varied as people on reddit are lol! That being said in my experience/belief with the Craft and those I know who practice:

    Witches are born witches. In all lifetimes. You might not KNOW you are a witch (yet or ever in this lifetime) but you have the natural connection to the Power and you can bring it out and develop it more.

    There are different types (or denominations) of witchcraft. Some people have a very structured religion (lots of Wiccans), some people practice magic but don’t believe in the same gods/goddesses as Wiccans. There are many other types of religions that practice Witchcraft and magic, think about African and mystical Judeo-Christian religions, Aboriginal, Native American, etc.

    It seems to me like most people in the US equal Wicca with Witchcraft, Neo-Paganism, Occult and New Age studies so I am assuming that is more what you are leaning towards. I would recommend researching different branches of Wicca and their beliefs and find what resonates with you. You can also take bits and pieces from here and there for you own solitary practice. I am a Witch, I practice the Craft, but I am not a Wiccan per sea.

    In my experience, most witches believe in gods/goddesses as well as spirits (human and inhuman).

    Many believe in reincarnation as well. A witch may or may not be an old soul. I tend to believe that if you have been a witch in many lifetimes than you aren’t a “better” witch but you probably will have an easier time using the Power, communicating with the Goddess and spirits, etc and an easier time getting your magic to manifest. On the other hand some “new souls” are just particularly adept at manifesting, but I think if you have practiced in many lives it is tantamount to anything you have practiced- the more the easier it is.

    Blessed Be!

    A lot of witches are psychic to some degree, as they tend to be more in tune with the energies of nature and the universe and other people.

  5. To answer your questions, witchcraft is a secular practice found the world over, that fits into practically any religion with varying contexts.

    I personally am one, as a traditional witch and animist, with a belief in polytheism and spirits. Spirits are awarenesses in the body of nature, and some of which exist within physical structures; land forms, weather forms, flora, fauna, humans even.

    Gods refer to bigger spirits, like the god of a particular cove or forest, or bigger yet, the very being of the wind, or earth.

    That said, witches tap into their spirit, elements, and spirits to alter the world or perceive things (psychicism included) beyond the scope) often through formula revealed in ancient wosdom and techniques, spirits themselves, or gnosis.

    That’s my paradigm in a nutshell.

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