Lavender allergy

Lavender allergy

Howdy! I used to be simply questioning if anybody had any suggestions for an alternative to lavender since it’s used for cover at instances. I’m extremely allergic to it.

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  1. If you have access to laurel or anise those may work as well too. They’re both masculine in energy with elemental associations with air, like lavender, and serve similar protective purposes when carried or worked with.

  2. Rosemary is very versatile and powerful. Basil is another great protection herb. Mustard seeds have been used for protection too. When I was a medic and volunteered at a fire department I took a little mustard seed and stuck it deep into a pocket of each of the firemen’s turnout gear to help keep them safe when they went on calls.

  3. Rosemary, mint, or IVY are all great for protection, as listed below. And it’s not mentioned in this post, but for dream and relaxation magick — since these kinds of spells also usually call for lavender — you can substitute hops, lemon balm, or skullcap.

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