Let’s talk about witchcraft

Let’s talk about witchcraft

Significantly, let’s talk about it, with me, with others right here, anyone! I feel we will all study from this! Share some info with me, ask me, ask others, share info with others! That is so we will ALL study it, together with me! So, have enjoyable!

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  1. Not sure this really belongs here & wrote way too much, but I love to share the things I love & can’t wait to read other’s answers.

    I’m not even sure if I consider myself a witch or what I believe in. I live in the Sonoran desert and feel a deep connection to the native plants and animals, and while I’m still trying to figure out where it fits with my lack of religion and engineering career, I feel drawn to the quiet, personal nature of witchcraft.

    I work at a local nursery specializing in native plants and make my own incense with a blend of homegrown herbs and mesquite sap. I love our native Datura (a relative of belladonna, laced with hallucinogenic scopalamine) more than any other, with its nocturnal, velvet trumpets that seem luminous by moonlight, intoxicating smell, and the fat, lovely sphinx moths that like to sip from them each night.

    I have shared my home with a number of critters who needed a safe place to stay for a while, like a one-eyed toad, jack rabbits, doves, and a rock squirrel who has been with me for 5 years – I tried to release her once, much to her outrage. All were filled with their own intelligence and spark, with obvious and distinct personalities and soul.

    Nights in the desert are so special; a welcome respite from the heat that cools the whiskers of the little cottontails and packrats as they peek out from their holes, crisp and clean air and brilliant stars. My dad used to drive us out into the desert to stargaze (an optical engineer to his core), and desert nights have always felt like pure magic to me.

    I collect minerals and crystals (I’ve only just started to /feel/ what they can do), some from local mines and others not. But all are special to me because they come from a lovely gem & mineral shop outside of town, run two brothers who inherited the business from their father and have been studying geology for 60 years. You can’t set foot in their dusty, cluttered shop without overhearing a regular stopping by to chat on the way home or ask for help identifying their newest find. I love to steep in the ambiance of the insular little community of geologists and occasional mystics who frequent the shop.

    Last but not least are the assorted mushrooms found in the nearby mountains, fittingly called the Sky Islands. The climate on the mountain is strikingly different – cool and lush, scented with Ponderosa pine and rich soil. Monsoon brings crops of mushrooms that range from delicious to poisonous, lovely to grotesque, and all fascinating. Identifying them is a painstaking process that involves much time hunched over my books and mushroom-littered table with a loupe and many mushrooms that remain a mystery, but the scent of drying candy caps (they smell like maple syrup!) is worth it.

    I do feel a lot of mysticism about the incredible adaptations and properties of all of the beings that call the desert their home, but feel incredibly silly if I try to craft a spell. I settle for my everyday magic instead.

  2. I’m still really new but have kinda felt like I shoulda decided to be a witch eons ago lmao. I’ve always been interested and bought a *ton* of books on witchcraft in college thanks to my Monsters, the Undead, and the Paranormal class. (I even wrote a huge essay about witches + hallucinogens for it!)
    I find that it really helps with my anxiety, especially sigils. I tend to draw them on myself so I can look at it and remind myself of what the sigil means (usually something along the lines of “you got this” or “dont pick at your skin you dumb asshole”).
    I’ve also already written a couple spells that I’m very proud of haha. Told a couple of my witchy friends and they said it was very solid and i was like “fuck yesssss VALIDATION.”

    Mostly what I’m focusing on right now is creating a more positive mindset. I’ve struggled with anxiety + depression + low self esteem for years now and with witchcraft I’m able to find stuff that just…makes me feel good about myself, you know? Glamours, spells, sigils, just all kinds of stuff that makes me stop and take a moment and get out of a shitty mindset. I’m not perfect but consarn it, I’m allowed to like myself!!!

  3. Ok. This ain’t really a fact, but it’s something that popped in my head yesterday. Has anyone ever use a “musical sigil?” I tend to whistle and sing to myself a lot at work. Work is where I tend to cast the most spells. (Almost all negative, but they deserve it. Just throwing that out there.) So I’m whistling something and it hits me. Sound is vibrations, like energy. It travels and reverberates in your surroundings. If I can’t make draw a sigil to mark a place could I whistle/sing something to mark the area and the people in it to in a sense mark them with a sigil I am visualising at the time for the desired purpose? I know that in ancient Greece the words for song, poem, and spell were the same so it should work, but would it be considered sigil work even if it’s not written? Would it be considered spell work even if it’s not spoken? Is it energy work, or no since it is sound vibrations? I kind of like calling it a musical sigil since sigils work with the energy you put into them, and they are for marking to bridge the gap between your intent and the physical world. Or am I way off? Questions, comments, concerns?

  4. Okay, well I work with Anubis and Bastet. Chronos is the only God or representation of the universe I worship. I have done some dimension jumping and had amazing success. I’m not sure what kind of witch I am, but I’ve rather enjoyed some Wiccan gatherings I’ve been to. I’d love to answer questions.

    I don’t know any spells at all. What are some that you frequent and some you recommend to someone?

  5. I’m a celestial witch. I work with Pluto mostly, so I spend a lot of time with sports, death, and death-y things. It’s pretty awesome. I work with planets and crystals and various other things, but I don’t know shit about herbs. Just kinda doing my thing. I love to hear about other people’s practices!

  6. I wouldn’t use the label ‘witch’ to describe myself, but others have and I’ve never corrected them xD

    I’ve been using the past 6 months to deepen my practice and listen more openly to my surroundings. Just trying to learn more from others who give workshops, or from books I find interesting…I do really love this sub. It’s nice to talk to like-minded souls.

    I did want to ask if anybody else felt particularly drawn to deities that aren’t traditionally pagan. I had a spiritual vision once where Shiva appeared to me. I’ve also been using the time on my way to work or coming home to sing to traditional mantras and chants. I really feel connected to the gods and goddesses of the Hindu tradition.. Anybody have similar experiences?

  7. I’ve started a 79 day ritual

    At the start of each day on the bus to work I draw a tarot card. I try to live the day with that card in mind. When I get home I write a short poem on the thoughts of the day.

    This should take me up to just before Christmas.

    My goal with this ritual is to better learn the tarot, one card at a time, observe patterns in myself and to practice writing poems.

  8. I *really* miss the magic I can work while on psychedelics. It was the most intense, far-reaching, and mind-expanding workings I’ve ever done. Becoming music and joining the symphony of creation is an experience I cannot adequately describe.

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