List of Workshops

List of Workshops

Workshops and Lectures for Neopagan Audiences

So I’m a First Degree, what comes next?

Looking into the education of Wiccan and Neopagan religious leaders; what do they need to know and where can they go to learn it. What standards should our leaders expect to meet. What is the proper work of our clergy and other leadership and how is it similar or different from Christian clergy.

Advanced Magic

So, I’ve burned a candle, what comes next? What is magic really and what are some good ways to reach its power? Does magic get more complicated as you gain experience and it gets stronger? What are correspondences and how should we use them. What are you supposed to do when people ask you to “send energy” to someone?

Circle Ritual 101

One hour orientation workshop to prepare first time attendees at a Neopagan gathering for the evening ritual. From the underlying assumptions involved in casting a circle to the meaning of the tools on the altar, this workshop will prepare people to understand and enjoy most common forms of Neopagan ritual. Also answers their questions about what they should do, what the appropriate behavior is and what they may feel.

Witchcraft, Wicca, Eclecticism and Fuzzy Bunnies: Mapping the Permutations of the Witches Craft

What do these titles mean or are they just counters in status games? Is British Traditional Wicca the only legitimate Wicca and is everyone else just playing around with cheap constructs which are meaningless because they don’t have the secrets of real Wicca? Is eclecticism a long-standing tradition of both Witchcraft and Wicca or is the word properly used to display distain for pretend Witches? How much eclecticism is too much? Are Fuzzy Bunnies New Age or just untrained Wiccans? Do New Age ideals harmonize with those of Wicca? Where do we draw the lines – should we draw any lines?

Workshops for a General Audience as Well as for Neopagan Audiences

These may be presented as lectures, particularly if only an hour to two hours can be allowed.

Introduction to Neopaganism with an emphasis on Wicca

A survey of the spectrum of paths within the modern Pagan movement including the Asatru (Nordic religions) Druids (religious paths from Ireland, Wales and Galllic France) Wicca or Witchcraft (originally an English background movement) Santeria (Spanish/African/Native Central American Path) and generic Paganism.

A booklet can accompany this workshop, in which case there is a fee of $3.50.

Introduction to Wiccan spirituality

What’s different between Wicca and the other Neopagan religions? How do Wiccans view the universe and their place in it? What are their beliefs and practices. Why do Wiccans do ritual and what is it for? What is the meaning of initiation and do you have to be initiated to be a Wiccan? What is meant when Wicca is called a mystery religion?

Some Philosophical Questions of Our Time

Spirituality and Religion; Ethics and Morality; Freedom and Family Values; Responsibility: personal and to society. How can one choose and how does one live a good life. What do the Gods need us for. Why do some people say we’re in the PostModern Age and what does that mean?

Workshops for Ritual Leaders

I am in the midst of designing a series of workshops aimed at working ritualists. These workshops will be limited enrollment and are restricted as to number of participants and will admit only individuals who have experience leading rituals). This series will include the following:

Speech For Ritualists

This participatory workshop will help you to be heard and understood in both large and small group rituals. It will cover how to read poetic and prose ritual, what to avoid and will teach a variety of skills needed to improve ritual communication.

Note for Festival organizers: Participation in this workshop must be limited to people already experienced in leading ritual and no more than 8 people may be enrolled in it. The workshop takes a minimum of 2 hours and cannot be presented in less. More students may be accepted and more can be taught if the workshop is presented as a two-day workshop with 2 hours scheduled each day.

The 13 Basic Ritual Gestures

Communication using body language is an important skill which will help you perform good ritual. This class categorizes and explains the gestures and aids people to realize what works in what situation and why. Attendence limited to 12 people. There is a $.50 charge for copies.

Designing Public Ritual

Understanding the basic structure of ritual. Why is large group ritual different? How to design ritual that encourages full participation for all. Those attending this workshop should have some experience attending both public and small group ritual.

Ritual as Theater

Good ritual must draw and hold the attention of all the participants and should result in everyone having the feeling that they were a full part of what was going on. Although public ritual must take into consideration the unknown range of skills and experience of those attending, everyone should leave feeling that the experience was energizing, effective and inspiring. Good ritual is always good theater and good theater results from following some established principles and technniques.

Short Bio for Program Booklet

Grey Cat
High Priestess and Founder
NorthWind Tradition of American Wicca

Grey Cat is the founder of NorthWind Tradition of American Witchcraft (Wicca) which began with a coven formed in early 1986. She is the author of Deepening Witchcraft; Advancing Skills and Knowledge; ECW Press, Toronto, 2002, and co-author, with Dr. Medicine Hawk Wilburn, of American Indian Ceremonies; A Basic Guide to the Medicine Path, revised and reissued by the authors in 2003. She has had articles published in a variety of Pagan publications and has appeared at festivals and gatherings throughout the Eastern US.