listing of superior witch films

listing of superior witch films

Hi there everybody, as a witch i like the whole lot associated to witchcraft even films! so i’ll point out a few of my favorite films abput witches which are price watching:

– The love witch by Anna Biller
– La strega in amore (the witch)
– The craft (1996)
– Poison for the fairires (1984) /this film is admittedly good i noticed it when i used to be a child and wow/

this are a few of them i hope you actually like them in the event you give them a attempt

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  1. I like the good witch series: not a film but really subtle and nice 🙂 also has break off films

    Also the last witch hunter is surprisingly good.

    Also grew up on the Halloweentown series…. they are childish but kinda fun!!

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